Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Reasons I Love OKC...

The Library System!

Sorry it's been awhile since I showed my city some love but I love OKC's library system! Maybe all big cities are like this and maybe not. Feel free to let me know if yours is this awesome.
  • There are 18 libraries within the OKC system and your library card works at all of them.
  • You can return books to any of them, even if that's not the library you checked the book out from
  • You can recheck books out online without having to take them in.
  • You can request books online and they'll be waiting for you at the front desk
  • Even if a book is not at the library you go to, but it's at another library in the system, they'll ship it over to the one closest to you. Just takes a day or two.
  • The online database tells you what books are available at which libraries.
  • They aren't sticklers on late fees unless it's over $5...I think. I've never gotten that high.
  • If you've requested a popular book, you can see where you are on the waiting list by looking online
  • There are lots of free programs we have taken advantage of: developmental screenings, toddler aerobics, story times, musical events, etc.
  • Thanks to the Potty Power DVD from the library, my daughter sat still long enough for me to try my hand at french braiding.
    I'm gonna need a lot more practice!

    What do you love about your city's library?


kmom said...

Is that where Olivia learned her yoga poses? (She does the down dog)

Anonymous said...

I love my library too! It has all those nifty features you mentioned, but what I love most is that I can walk there and that they have tons of good books you can easily download and listen to on your ipod while you walk! With school about to start, I'm about to slow down on my reading-boo hoo!

Erin said...

Amen to the OKC library system! I also thoroughly enjoy it. We haven't taken advantage of the special events but maybe this next year. Also, I love that late fees are only .10. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

My library has everything you mentioned (except I'm not sure about toddler aerobics), PLUS it's only 5 blocks from my house. In the summer they go to a different city park every week and have a "children's reading hour". Recently we went to a reptile show and a juggling show on the park lawn. Newberg only has one library but we are connected with all of the city libraries in the Chemeketa College region. I LOVE MY LIBRARY! And I love Olivia's hair. Very pretty. Mom aka Gma

The McDowells said...

We make a trip to the library every week! We love the library. I place holds and ILLs all the time online and our library does not do late fees at all, you just can't check out any books until you returned what is late.

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