Friday, August 19, 2011

Texas keeps stealing my friends!

First the Seatons moved there, now the Roses are too! Boo Texas boo!!! We went out to eat one last time all together with our small group while Craig and Nadine were still here, and I made sure to get a photo. And of course you can only see Craig's forehead.
We went to Iron Starr and Liv behaved so well I started thinking we should eat out more often! She's not in the photo but she was there, behind Ryan entertaining everyone from her high chair. Then we headed out for fro yo where she no doubt found a table top to dance on. That's my girl!

We will miss you Roses, but if anyone in the Stephenville, TX area is looking for a good dentist or pediatrician I know of one!


Shannon said...

I just saw on FB that Cameron Spencer is about to move there to do some minister job at a church there. I wouldnt have thought twice about it had I not known Craig and Nadine were moving there first.

Anonymous said...

So sad to say goodbye to friends. But it gives ya all kinds of places to go on vacation and not have to pay for a hotel. (ha ha) Mom aka Gma

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