Thursday, August 25, 2011

True Fans

So the comments on the blog have been rather grim lately, so to promote healthy commenting habits AND to celebrate the blog turning 6 years old last month AND because I enjoyed putting this together, I thought I'd have a contest to see who the true blog fans are.

The rules are these: answer as many of the questions as you can (all have been featured on the blog at some point), the person who gets the most correct wins a prize! It could be my world famous no bake cookies or a trip to Hawaii or 4 billion dollars or 4 never know. You can cheat and try to look in the archives for the answers, but you have 48 hours from the post date to finish! Good luck!

1. Who is this pictured with Ryan and I?

2. Why is Olivia's face purple?

3. Whose feet are these?

4. What is the name I gave to this tree?
5. And what happened to it?

6. Where are Ryan and I?
7. Who are these people?
8. What was the name of mine and Lauren's book club?

9. What happened to Liv?

10. Who is this?
11. And why are we dressed like this?

12. Where were these found?

13. What is this man taking apart?

14. What baby is this in my lap?
15. Why is Olivia in this contraption?

16. What sport are these guys playing? (come on this is a freebie for those of you who think you can't answer any!)

17. Where can this billboard be found?
18. What holiday is this?


emily said...

I just spend way too much time looking these up!!!
1. Matt's future wife.
2. She had thrust and you used gentian violet
3. Your brother in laws-Joe
4. Maggie the Magnolia
5. the ice storm got to her
6. Top of Spire @ Sagrade
7. Random veitnamese woman and her new husband @ their wedding that you were a witness.
8. Land of Nod

10. Pumpkin
11. your dressed like Geishas
12. In your mailbox
13. Your tv
14. Ben
15. She's in the peapod for her breastfeading study.
16. bowling!
17. Branson
18. Thanksgiving

Your such a great blogger Katie, sorry I don't comment more, but I do read everyday!

Leslie said...

going to try without looking up.

1. dunno
2. thrush
3. croc-in-law
5. it didn't survive the deep ice storm
8. land of nod (what's with the "was"?)
9. slept through baby yoga?
12. in your mailbox
13. your tv?
14. ben!!!
15. you like to subject your child to scientific experimentation.
16. rock & bowl
17. tennessee?
18. someone's communion? can't tell what is being poured on your mom's head.

Leslie said...

emily wins. :(

Jennifer said...

Sadly, I only know 2 of the answers (my memory has completely and totally left me), but I am a true blog fan and click on your blog each day to catch up with your life.

Anonymous said...

I think Emily has to win too. She did the work for all of us. Leslie gets points for coming up with #9 though which Emily missed). I'm impressed. Katie, you have serious blog fans, of which I am one. Love ya, Mom aka Gma

Erin said...

I am not going to look at the first response and try to get these without them.

1. Sadly, I have no idea.
2. She ate chalk (again, what?)
3. Joe
4. Maggie
5. Ice Storm
6. On vacation
7. Random people you married while working at Mayfair
8. The Land of Nod
9. She got tired.
10. TIffany Sietz (Hawkins)
11. You went to see Memoirs of a Geisha
12. Your grandma's trunk (??)
13. Flat screen TV
14. I know it's either Ben or Des. They look alike to me!
15. She was part of a study for breastfed babies at OU.
16. Tennis (kidding, bowling. Nice blue balls, Rhine)
17. Arkansas??
18. Thanksgiving

Did I win??? :)

tricia said...

i can't believe # 14-Ben is so little! and yes, what's going on with the "was" on The Land of Nod-is it no more? say it ain't so...

ktsdad said...

2.Thrush/gentian violet
5.Ice Storm
6."me" :-) Barcelona
7.Strangers whose wedding you were asked to witness.
8.Land of Nod
9.Bored with yoga
11.Memoirs of a Geisha
13.Your flat screen
15.Lab Rat in the Pea Pod
18.1st Turkey (Thanksgiving) Mom baked.

Shannon said...

2. Thrush medicine from nursing issues
3.Joes feet
4.Maggie the Magnolia
5.Ice Storm 2007 (woot woot!!)
7. The people in my old neighborhood that Seth married and you were a witness
9. fell asleep in your yoga class
11. dressed up like geishas for halloween
12. in your mailbox
13.your giant tv
15.she/you were participating in the breast feeding study
16.bowlind doi!
17.your neighborhood (not sure about this one)
18.your everything holiday (bday, christmas, thanksgiving, etc) when you go to tennesee in the fall.

*I read but dont follow the good commenting rules very much anymore now that I use this blog reader thingie

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