Thursday, September 01, 2011

Book Review

I usually wait until I have 5 books to review before I do one of these. I've had a bit of a dry spell with books and 2 of these that I reviewed I didn't even finish...that's so rare. I'm sure I'll find some winners soon and be motivated again.

This Life is in Your Hands was my book club pick for last month (thanks again to Aunt Dawn recommendation) It's the memoir of a girl who was raised on an organic homesteading farm in the 70's. When most kids were listening to rock and roll and watching The Brady Bunch she was running around nude with hippies making compost piles. It really was fascinating and the horrific tragedy the family faced kept me turning the pages. I thought she wrote beautifully and although it wasn't my favorite memoir I think I give it an 8. I really liked all the info about farming surprisingly.

Stiff and Bonk were two hilarious non fiction books that were fascinating to me but are definitely not for everyone. The first is about the interesting lives of cadavers and the second is about the science of sex. It takes a special author to make all the research and facts on the two subjects entertaining and even laughable but Mary Roach does a fantastic job. You may think some of it is squeamish and even sinful, but the truth is all of our lives have benefited from the research done on these two subjects! I give Stiff a 10 and Bonk a 9. Apparently cadavers are more interesting to me than sex. Go figure.

Three Cups of Tea has been recommended to me by quite a few people. I couldn't finish it though. It was an intriguing but wordy book about one man's passion for building schools in a remote part of Pakistan that he was introduced to through mountain climbing. Ironically I thought it was written in a Jon Krakauer style (whose 3 books I've read I really enjoyed) then I found out Jon Krakauer actually wrote an expose' on this man called Three Cups of Deceit where he revealed this guy's philanthropy as a sham. Anyway I was already having trouble finishing it, so that was the nail in the coffin.

Crooked Letter Crooked letter was the book club pick for this month. It's a suspenseful tale about a friendship that took a turn for a the worse many years ago and the secrets revealed later surrounding a missing teenage girl in...guess which state? (Mississippi...hence the title) It was good but I figured out the secrets pretty early on. I thought there might be more shockers coming but there weren't. I give it a 6.

Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base. I've been on a waiting list for months for this book. And I just could not get into it. I really really wanted to get into it, and I couldn't. I could finish Snooki's book and I couldn't even make it to page 50 of this book. It was like a text book and I was done with school when I graduated from college. Maybe if Mary Roach had written it....

Our book club went to see The Help last month and I highly recommend this movie. Not only was a it a pretty awesome adaptation of the book, but it's a wonderful film even without the book! I teared up through the ENTIRE movie...and I'm not a crier, people! It's got lots of funny parts though so don't think it's depressing movie. Go see it! I give it a 10!


H said...

I Think the Help is now one of my top favorite movies, so good! I'm powering through crooked letter this weekend!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you liked The Help--I value your movie reviews as well as your book reviews! I'm going with the girls tomorrow night then out to dinner after to discuss the movie--can't wait!

Leslie said...

"Apparently cadavers are more interesting to me than sex. Go figure." BAHAHAHA!

Leslie said...

Also, I finally read Room and loved it!

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