Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cheating Heart

Many years ago when we were first married I think I blogged about a not so secret crush I had on Jeff Corwin. I watched his animal planet show every Saturday morning. And Ryan rolled his eyes at me every Saturday. Honestly I'd have to google him now to even pick him out in a line up. (Gross I just looked him up...maybe he's funny)

Years later I fell in love with Jim from The Office. And I still do love him. I can watch an episode of The Office any day and be swooned by his work related humor. Ryan still rolls his eyes at me.

But now I have a new crush. A crush that takes me back in time. To a time before I was born. A time when men smoke and drank all day at work and sexually harassed the women in their offices and it was ok and encouraged. Don Draper is my new crush. I haven't been able to finish a book for weeks. All I want to do in my spare time is watch the Mad Men series on Netflix. And now that it's over, I'm hoping my life will return to normal. Oh Don, I can't wait to see you again in the spring.
And Ryan is still rolling his eyes at me.

Question: Is this show the reason fedoras came back in style? Or did Kevin Federline do that?


Summer said...

Thankfully, my husband has a man-crash on Don so I am allowed to drool :)

JanaGriffis said...

I like everything about Don in Mad Men.. except his face. Hahaha. :)

Mine is George Clooney. Ryan turns the channel if he sees George Clooney and I didn't notice. To me, George is a modern day Don Draper so I understand.

Laura said...

Oh goody! I'm completely obsessed with the show, the era, the Man. Swoon.

~Christy said...

how could you forget!....two words...Tim Riggins...

Leslie said...

once you outgrew your silly-corwin phase, we now have the same taste in crushes. I may or may not have an "i <3 jim" tshirt from the nbc store (gift).

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