Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Labor Day

Two years ago on Labor Day we headed to the Rink to do some walking/shopping in hopes to kick start my labor. Then we went to Lake Hefner to do some more walking.
This year we did the exact same thing but without any kind of labor hopes. And this time we met friends at the lake for a picnic. The weather this week is so perfect I just want to freeze time.

Liv was there too, she was just too busy chasing Gizmo and running to the playground to be still for a pic.
The boys played frisbee and bocce and we girls chatted until sunset.
It was a perfect day!


kmom said...

So glad you had fun. Super glad that 100degree weather is gone for you. See you soon!

Jennifer said...

I'm a little jealous. On Labor Day, we spent the WHOLE day with family and extended family. Although, I did score two large tubs of baby boy clothes. So, I guess I really shouldn't complain.

So, when are you guys having a second child? Just kidding!

Anonymous said...

Glad yall had such a great Labor day! Love you guys.


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