Friday, September 02, 2011

My Sanity

The days of a stay at home mom are anything but boring and stress free. I rely heavily on my dearest mommy friends to help me maintain my sanity and to tell me "that's completely normal." These summer days are coming to an end and many of our play date friends are going to preschool or mother's day out programs, which is limiting the days we can spend together. It's bittersweet, but every moment of our kids' lives is. This post is a tribute to all the wonderful ladies who bring me bits of sanity through the seemingly insane moments of our days! (Sorry not all are pictured but you know who you are!)

My sanity comes from naked toddlers potty training in the backyard
My sanity comes from a pile of toys and kids a midst mommy chatting
My sanity comes from freezing pool waters with a passel of kids
My sanity comes from shared snacks and mooching children
My sanity comes from seeing how many kids can jump on a bed at one time
My sanity comes from chicken chasing in the backyard
My sanity comes from watching ridiculous kid shows on repeat
My sanity comes from birthday parties where we try to get just ONE more picture
My sanity comes from armfuls of slippery squirmy friends
My sanity comes from impromptu dance parties

My sanity comes from a God who knew to put these wonderful mommies and their little blessings in my life. Thank you Lord always for my friends!


kmom said...

Thank you for blog posts, pictures, and videos of Katie, Olivia, and Ryan.

StupidGirlSmartWoman said...

I appreciate your commitment to Mommy-dom! My goal in life is to be a stay-at-home mom because I feel that those hectic, crazy, early years are the ones during which the strongest bonds are made. I hope you're sanity-saving friends are able to continue to keep you enjoying the fun but unpredictable moments shared with toddlers. Best of luck!! :)

~Christy said...


Summer said...

I feel ya. I realized yesterday that I have been mostly staying home for 7 years. Honestly, It is getting a bit old, but I am so thankful for it - everyday I thank GOd I can do it!

Anonymous said...

Those are some wild and crazy kiddos. And oh so adorable. I've been a stay at home mommy/grandma for 35 years now and I have enjoyed every second of it. Hazel and Violet will both be in school this year. Am I going to have to go through the empty nest thing all over again? Love ya, Gma aka Mom

lauren and brad said...

You are my sanity. daily.

Leslie said...

first photo looks like liv and des have thoroughly soaked the concrete! i LOVE your life!

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