Monday, September 12, 2011

Newsletter: 24 Months = 2 Years!

Dear Olivia,
My sweet little two year old! Sweet one minute, ornery the next, hilarious moments later, then devastated, then defiant, then cuddly, then independent, then needy, then back to like less than 5 minutes....this age is already a roller coaster of emotions. It's like you're a teenager! Oh but I'm loving it. I really am.
The words and phrases you are picking up each day astound me. Every morning I get you out of your crib and the first phrase you say is "I poop mommy." Sometimes you have, but you just like to say that. Other well loved sentence fragments include a very defiant "NO STOP!" with a hand help up, or "This diaper baby" when you are playing with your dolls, and the ever so loved "Dis baba owe," which you repeat a LOT and we have NO idea what it means. You can even say your own name now but it sound more like "Raffi" than Livi.
You've learned very well that you can delay bedtime or nap time by requesting things. And this might be when you talk the most. You point to everything and request it. Book? Wa wa? (water) Eats? Baph? (bath) I poop? Sit? Play?
But despite all the attempts you still go down to sleep pretty easily most days and sleep from 8pm to 8am...sometimes even 9. You take a good 3 hour nap that usually gets interrupted because by the time you talk yourself to sleep, it's so late that I have to wake you up so you don't sleep past 4! I'm just glad you are waking up happy these days as opposed to last month. There's nothing better than seeing that smile under your crazy bedhead in the morning!
The funniest thing you've started doing is some pretty hilarious furrowed eyebrow faces. And you know it makes people laugh so you wait until an appropriate time and spring in on them. Then die laughing and do it again. I think daddy got a pretty good video of it. I'll have to post it later.
You are finally starting to try new foods...especially meat! And I think you even like it! This thrills me since I was fairly certain you would be a fruit and bread only girl for a long time. Sometimes you are a grazer, you can eat ALL DAY! Then some days you won't eat hardly anything. I'm not worried though because I know you'll have a marathon eating day after that!
You still love to explore more than play with toys. And you absolutely hate it when it's time to leave your friends. Whether it's at church or the gym or playgroup. You are no longer happy to see me when I come to pick you up. Today at Mother's Day Out you were devastated to see me. While I picked you up you pointed to the carpet spot by your friends saying "This right here, no stop mommy, this right here." I'm glad you're still a people person.
According to the "well baby" stats you are still in the 90% for height at a whopping 35.5 inches and you tip the scale in the 50% at 26 pounds 8 ounces. I'm mainly saying this here since I'm obviously not writing it in a baby book anywhere. We prepped you for your doctor visit this weekend by playing a lot with your doctor kit. And it actually seemed to help! You sat still through your whole exam and didn't yell or punch the doctor once!
(I promise it's only water in that cup)

The potty training has been going well. You just stay pantsless most days when we are home and you actually make it to the potty once or twice a day but there's usually an accident once a day too! We just put diapers on when we go out. But you did get some big girl undies for your birthday so I'm hoping those will be a motivator to stay dry longer. You hold it for HOURS when there's no diaper on, so I know we're making progress. I'm in no rush just yet. I'll just keep the pantry stocked with yogurt melts or an occasional m&m for those celebratory moments.
We've been practicing for awhile now asking how old you are and trying to get you to hold up two fingers and say "two." But no matter how much we practice you still say "Five" if someone asks you your age! You are getting better and counting and like to count the steps when we climb them at the gym. You are also starting to recognize some letters. It took me by surprise when you pointed out the O and E on my shirt yesterday.
Time surely has flown in the past 2 years and I'm always trying to remind myself when I'm frustrated with you or think I need to be cleaning instead of playing with you, that the most important thing is cherishing you at the stage you are at right now and really living in the moment as being your mommy. Whether we are playing outside or inside or reading books or eating or on an adventure or just riding in the car, I need to make the moments count! I try and teach you things each day, but you'll never know how much more you've taught me.

I love you,


ktsdad said...

I think the correct spelling of her favorite phrase is dis baba oww - now doesn't that make much more sense?!

lauren and brad said...

did you have to make me cry?

love you liv!

Anonymous said...

She's so beautiful. Give her a big birthday kiss from Grandma. I love you Olivia. Happy 2!!

Anonymous said...

She is getting so big. Love this post. Love you all!


kmom said...

I'm so glad you are into the moments. I'm wondering if "Dis baba oww" means "This before out" as in "Put this on before going outside." Olivia reminds me of a yellow butterfly - beautiful and rarely still for long, going from one thing to another. In my experience, two year olds and seventeen year olds are the most frustrating ages to parent. You and Ryan are off to a great start!

kmom said...

After seeing a video of Oliva saying "dis baba oww," I'm wondering if she is saying "this booboo ouch." Maybe a bug bite is itching. We do know she is obsessed with her "hurts" even when they no longer hurt and are just scars or teeny tiny scabs. Each time she sees one she acts like she is hurting. I think she said it on video when she was putting on her pink sandals outside and probably saw her healing "hurt."

Chellie said...

Nate's mom says to double the height they are at their second birthday and that will be their height once they're "full" grown. It was true for Nate.
Also, since you had asked, the three day potty thing seems to have worked.

Leslie said...

i say the same thing to jamie every morning, "i poop, jamie." what? not the same charm?

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