Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Reasons I Love OKC...

Random Free Artistic Events
Like the Fairy Ball
Ryan was having a guys' night, so I thought Liv and I would check out this "Fairy Ball" in the Paseo. We talked Jenna and Noah into going with us.
It was a free event and kids (and many adults) dressed in costumes and got to make fairy wands and flowers wreaths for their hair. (not that Liv would've endured anything on her head for more than 2 seconds)
Liv kept petting other kids' fairy wings. She was very fascinated with them.
At dusk these ballerina fairy dancers came through the crowds and did a dance routine in the fairy garden--separated from us by a fence and sparkly lights.
When they were done they invited the kids to come in the garden to dance with them. This is the point when I about had a panic attack. I don't deal well with crowds (I can barely make it through a super walmart without elbowing and screaming at everyone)
Luckily Liv was planted firmly in lap. So we waited while the HUNDREDS of fairy people trampled over us to get in the gate. Then I somehow managed to ske-daddle before I started pushing people. Anyway. It was weird. But it was free and fun and Liv liked watching the dancers and the other kids. And she looked cute in her tutu! Maybe she'll be a fairy for Halloween.
Thank you OKC for another reason to love you!


kmom said...

Wow! What a unique event! Glad Olivia wanted to stay with you.

Shawn and Becky said...

I love that you're mom called it 'unique' but Liv in that tutu is so adorable!!

Anonymous said...

for some reason this reminds me of Bonnaroo

Leslie said...

this scares me.

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