Saturday, October 01, 2011

Big Girl Bible Class

Now that Liv is two, (or five as she will tell you if you ask her) she got promoted out of the nursery Bible class and into the 2's and 3's.
She looks so grown up in there with all the other kids sitting at a real table with real chairs. She absolutely loves going to her class. And loves play-doh.
As soon as we pull onto the street she starts clapping and cheering saying "Church mommy! Church! Yay!"
She loves to sing Roll the Gospel Chariot and This Little Light of Mine. She also does the finger play of "here is the church, here is the steeple..."
We put her artwork on the fridge and she remembers it and points to it throughout the week. Last week during the middle of the sermon she decided to dive over the pew and into the lady's arms behind us that she didn't know. Luckily she caught her. There's never a dull moment in worship service with a toddler!


Erin said...

Cute dress!!

Leslie said...

WHAT. What do you mean she decided to dive over?! HAHAHA!! Olivia, you're so crazy cool!

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