Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chester's Pumpkin Patch

It's that time of year again...the time of year where kids sit on pumpkins and we take their picture....a dozen times until we get a good one.
So get ready for a ton of pictures! We checked out Chester's Pumpkin Patch in Piedmont last week, and although it wasn't as awesome as that one we went to in TN last year, it was still lots of fun.
Liv even rode a pony for the first time!
She loved it until it started to move. But I held on to her and she obliged.
There were lots of fun things to play on and see
The corn maze was too muddy to go through but there was an awesome pallet maze.
Ben nicely asked me to tie his shoe and Liv immediately sat down and said "I help." Ben said "Kay kay does Liv actually know how to tie shoes?!" I said "No, but she doesn't know that so maybe she can figure it out."
We took a tractor trailer ride to a BIG slide that was very tall and thankfully not very fast.
Jenna and Noah and Anna and Ellen had fun with us.
And so did Des, Ben, and Lo. We are ready for Genevieve to come out and play too!
There were lots of friendly farm animals for the kids to touch and for moms like me to think oh gross why didn't I pack hand sanitizer?!
Another winning moment of the day occurred while the children stared at the giant longhorn; we noticed they were standing in a field of fire ants. Bad mommy move...we freaked out which made the kids freak out which made my daughter become deathly afraid of any bugs she saw the rest of the day. Stings were minimal. Everyone was fine after they shed pants and shoes for a brush down. Lesson: Always looks out for fire ants when on farms.
This motley crew had a fun time and so did the mommies!


Tarren and Erin said...

We went to Chester's this last weekend too! It was pretty fun. Liesel loved the tractor ride the most.

Anonymous said...

Boy, that looks like fun. Sure wish I could go. I think being afraid of fire ants is what we call a healthy fear. Love ya, Mom aka Gma

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