Friday, October 28, 2011

Guess Who Came to Town?

My grandparents!! All the way from Ann Arbor, Michigan!
This was their first time to visit us in OKC.
We were a good pit stop on their way back from the Grand Canyon. I hope I get to travel as much as they do when we retire!
We got to eat at Cattleman's, tour the city, stop by the Memorial, and of course play with Olivia.
Thanks for visiting us! We love you!!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful surprise.

Mom aka Gma

devon larkin said...

what a special treat!

i also just linked to one of the "posts you might like" at the bottom of one of your recent posts because i saw a bunch of guys sitting around a table playing a HUGE boardgame. i thought "oh my gosh, does katie's husband play these games, too????" and sure enough, the answer is yes!! patrick play arkham horror with my brother!!! i'm with you, i much prefer ticket to ride. i'll actually play that one :) you might not feel it, but i feel way bonded to you over this.

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