Sunday, October 09, 2011

Halloween Cookies

It's never too early to start teaching the fine art of baking.
We made some Halloween sugar cookies with our buddies Ben and Des last week. Liv's favorite part was the flour.
She mainly cut ghosts out of the dough.
Ben did the pumpkins.
Des did the bats....or maybe just ate dough.
After they baked we got to ice them.
Lauren made really simple icing that they could brush on the cookies with paint brushes.
I thought Liv would just try to eat them all but she actually did ice them for awhile. Then after lunch I think the sugar rush got to them and somehow the boys ending up wearing dresses and posing for pictures. I guess Lauren's sugar cookies need to come with a warning label: "The consumption of too many cookies can lead to cross dressing." They sure do make pretty girls though...good thing there's a sister on the way!


Erin said...

I totally thought Des was Liv in that second picture with the dresses. They are both such "pretty" boys!

tricia said...

great photos-i can't wait for you and lauren to show these to the kids when they are older :)

lauren and brad said...

send me these pics asap! they are so funny! i tried to steal them from the blog, but blogger isn't letting me. grrrr.

Leslie said...

how did liv get out of wearing dresses too?!

Tates said...

The kids are enjoying lot with cookies. Happy Halloween Day. Good informative blog.

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