Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween: Storybook Forest

I'd heard about this Storybook Forest at Lake Arcadia for a few years, but this was our first year to check it out.
Thankfully a friend tipped us off on the ridiculous lines, so we got there before it opened on Friday night and didn't have to wait too long at all.
We met up with some friends from church there and tried to get photos of the kids together.
Elle decided to join the bunch. And that's as good as we can get! Close enough! There are nursery rhyme scenes set up throughout the forest and you can read the story and then get candy. At first Liv tried to give the person a piece of her candy. How thoughtful. Then she caught on and became a greedy glutton who wanted to stick her hand in their bucket and pull out a fistful. "Candy" is now one of those words she talks about daily. We haven't let her have much though. They had a hayride and games for kids, but we skipped those to roast hot dogs around the campfires.It was fun, but now that we can check it off our list, I'm not sure we'll do it again since there are free things we can do instead! And yes she kept the glasses and hat on for most of the evening because we told her she couldn't get candy if she didn't. It worked, and now we've created a monster. Just look at this candy crazed fiend!
Now for your viewing pleasure.....

Where's Waldo?: Nursery Rhyme Edition

Hansel and Gretel were intrigued by this candy house. Waldo snuck in too, quiet as a mouse. Can you spot him?
The Three Little Pigs think they're tough. Can you find Waldo among their stuff?
The little old lady lived in a shoe, Waldo would like to live there too! See if you can find him.
Peter Piper may have put his wife in a pumpkin shell, but Waldo is trying to hide there as well! Can you spot him?
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, not a Waldo! But he was there anyway, do you see him?
Ok that's enough. I crack myself up...I really do. Don't worry there are two more Waldo posts coming up! And the next one features Ryan and I....and our car as Waldo too!
P.S. I keep wanting to type forest with two r's but I kept getting auto corrected. I really thought it had two r's
P.P.S. Disclaimer: All costume ideas come from Leslie's blog (specifically this post). All creative ideas ever invented might come from her as well. She is awesome.


Monique said...

LOVE this post! Her costume is awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Such an adorable little candy fiend. Have I told you lately how much I miss you guys.

Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

Cute Waldo! We were wondering how long she kept the glasses on. Glad to know she responds to bribery.

Anonymous said...

Love her costume. Glad yall are finding such cute things to do for Halloween. :)


Leslie said...

Momentarily considered the possibility of baby-safe facial glue. Your negotiation skills impress me. Olivia's ability to keep little glasses on her face impresses me. Did you show her a Waldo book to show her what she was dressed up as?

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