Wednesday, October 05, 2011

New Shoes

I just found this photo from August that I never posted. It was right after I'd gotten back from the fall JBF sale and was showing Liv her "new" shoes. She couldn't wait to try them all on at once!
"In a good shoe I wear a size six, but a seven feels so good I buy a size eight" can you name that movie??


ktsdad said...

Truvy - Steel Magnolias!

Katie Bl said...

I just watched that a few weeks ago! Love it!

Anonymous said...

I have way too many shoes in my closet. I don't know when I became a shoe hog. I love her little silver shoes. So girly. Love, Mom aka Gma

Ted and Anne said...

So cute! Olivia, you are a girl after my own heart...I love shoes too!!

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