Monday, October 10, 2011

Newsletter: 25 months

Dear Olivia,
Is it possible to get more fun every month? Because you do. This month you continue to crack us up with your personality. My favorite things you do is give hugs, but we call them squeezes. You hug really tight and say "wheeeeeze" while making the cutest face. If I'm putting you to bed and you haven't hugged daddy you'll say "no mommy, wheeze daddy."
Although you've been saying "church" for awhile now, it is now the answer to every question I could ask you. Where do you want to go today? Church. What do you want to eat? Church. Where is daddy? Church. What do you do if you're on fire? Stop, drop, roll, church. You actually learned this from Danielle (see her blog for photos) who has been giving you and Elle lessons while I mentor on Mondays. Last week you learned about fire safety and your new favorite phrase for awhile was "stop, drop, roll" but you always ended it with "church"! Random but funny.
Speaking of church, you are really getting into folding your hands and fingers together when it's time to pray. Sometimes you insist that mommy and daddy do it too. Your attention span isn't long through prayers, so I try to whisper simpler translations of them in your ears to help you sit still and listen. It doesn't always work but I'll keep trying!
Your vocabulary continues to grow and some of the words you are saying this month are zoo (shooo), couch (chouch), applesauce (apple-oss), natural (random I know), cry (chry), Charlie (Char-ee), cracker (tractor), gross (dose), and thunder (which I can't begin to even type how you pronounce it because it is so silly). We've been trying to work on colors with you but everything is "blue" to you. You still say you're five. You can only count to two, but you can recognize some letters as shown in this adorable video.

If you can't make out what she's saying in the beginning it's "a picture cheese." She knows to smile for the camera I guess!
I think you should sign up to be on the litter patrol because everywhere we go you point out the trash on the ground and the trash cans and the trash trucks. You like to pick it up if we see trash in the parking lot and throw it away, but then sometimes you find some old cheerios or skittles on the ground...and you eat them. So I have to keep my eyes our for trash because if it looks tasty enough you might digest it instead of recycling it!
Lately when we are in the car you are a constant stream of "mama, mama, mama, mama, mama, etc" until I say "What Livy?" Sometimes you say a word. But most of the time it's nothing. Then you start it up again. Even when daddy is with us in the car you just say my name over and over and over again. I'm not gonna lie, it's quite tiring. We start saying your name over and over again but you don't seem to catch on!
I can see you really trying to form sentences when we are playing together. You often add "me" to the end of a sentence if you want to do something. Last week we were playing with blocks and you kept saying "mama, tower, fall down, me." Meaning you wanted me to build the tower and then you wanted to knock it down. Or you'll say "Nana, please, me" Meaning you want a banana given to you.
You are getting so good at picking up your toys all by yourself when we are done playing with them before we get something else out. I'm not always the best at this, so I'm hoping by teaching you, I will help myself! You will start singing the helper song and get right to work! I hope you keep up this good attitude when it comes to cleaning.
You continue to crack me up with the items you choose to bring places with you. One day you carried around an empty big brown paper bag in the car and to church with you. One day we went to the zoo and you carried around your big Mona Lisa book while you looked at birds and hippos. After about an hour you finally let me put it in the diaper bag.
You are constantly wanting to feed any animal you see. We've let you feed the ducks at a few places and you throw food to Charlie sometimes from your chair even though you know it's not allowed. You'll even say "I feed Charlie, no-no." I have to remind you that we don't feed strange dogs, or squirrels, or the monkeys, or alligators, or Charlie, only the ducks. But usually the first question out of your mouth when you see any animal is "I feed?"
Usually we go to the zoo with friends, but I finally told you one day I would take you by yourself and let you go wherever you wanted. It was a really fun day and you led me to some animals that we usually don't even go see. You just roamed around and I followed, and if you got tired I pushed you in the stroller. We stared at the alligators lying still as statues for at least 20 minutes and you gasped "Mama, move!" anytime one of their scaly arms moved an inch. The only time I had to intervene was at the bear habitat. You sat right down in front of the glass despite the fact that no bears were even in there and wanted to watch this big blue ball floating in their water. After a good 10 or 15 minutes of me trying to explain that was just a ball not an animal I finally convinced you to move on.
There really are more stories I could share of how you fill my days with laughter, but this newsletter is long enough. I go back and read your older newsletters all the time and you like to sit beside me and look at the pictures of yourself. You'll point and say "baby Livy?" and I'll say yes and kiss your forehead pulling you closer to me. It may seem like such a long time ago to you, but it was only yesterday to me, sweet girl. It was only yesterday. You're still my baby.

Love you,


Katie Bl said...

I love the book Olivia has in her hand as she's looking over the railing! Do you have them all?!

Ryan and Katie said...

We have 3 of them. She loves them!

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe how big she is getting. Such a smart girl.

Shawn and Becky said...

This was one of my favorite ages . . . they learn so much so fast and everyday is so fun. Love the pictures! She's adorable.

Shannon said...

Love the video! And what was going on with the crazy hair in the crib picture?

Leslie said...

the photo after mamamamamamamamama story is AWESOME. love her little boots!

kmom said...

Great blog! I remember when Papa and I were at the zoo with you and Olivia the beginning of Sept. She wanted to stop and keep looking at that big blue ball then,even though no animals were around. It just moved a little bit at a time in the water.

AM said...

I love this newsletter! And all the great pictures! They will always be our sweet baby girls!

Anonymous said...

I am so in love with that sweet girl. Thanks for sharing all the pictures and the video. Gma aka Mom

ktsdad said...

I was afraid these would end after 24 months - YEA! I will never tire of reading these!

lauren and brad said...

These pictures are GORGEOUS. Best newsletter yet...she is just my very favorite little gal!

Monique said...

Love the newsletters!

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