Thursday, October 27, 2011

Party-Hardy: Part II

I think those Schatzels just keep having babies so we can keep having parties! And that's fine by me, because I like them and all of their friends! And I like all of her babies.
The second party of Saturday was a baby shower for baby Genevieve at the Rasp's Ranch in Arcadia. And these are the cute invites my hubby helped me make for it. He did the computer work, I did the crafty part.
The weather was perfect and the set up Micca had outside looked like one big idea board from Pinterest. It was so perfect.
I will let Lauren post all the fun pics on her blog but I had to put a few on here for memory's sake too! We hostesses are so thrilled she's finally getting a little girl.
And Liv was thrilled to ride another dog.
And the third party we went to was Caleb's birthday bash in OKC. It was pouring down rain when we arrived, so I didn't even bring the camera inside to take any photos, but Roxanne sure did make some yummy food for it!

It was a busy day full of car trips all over the place, but it was fun to be with so many friends that we love!


Anonymous said...

You guys are the busiest people I know. I love the picture of Olivia sitting on the beast.

Gma aka Mom

lauren and brad said...

Such a fun party! by far the cutest baby shower I've ever been to! thank you so much again! xoxo

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