Monday, October 03, 2011

Reasons I Love OKC

Free sporting events!
We checked out the Oklahoma River Regatta on Saturday night and it was so much fun! Liv cheered and clapped and said "Ooooo weee BOATS!" about 100 times. She really watched them!
Our friend Sommer raced on Friday night and I'm bummed we missed her, but maybe we'll catch another one of her races.
The river is pretty close to our house. I'm not sure why we've never been walking down there. It's landscaped with a sidewalk right by the river's edge. I foresee future family field trips there!
They even rowed after dark. We were going to stay for fireworks but it was getting chilly and it was past someone's bedtime so we'll try harder to stay up late next year!
I know nothing about rowing but I have a new be a coxswain. Is it too late in life to accomplish this? Have I missed the proverbial boat? haha. get it? I crack myself up. But really. How much fun would it be to yell/encourage people in a boat without doing any of the physical labor. That's the kind of athlete I could be! And it's rare that small stature is a good thing in sports, so I like that. (According to Wikipedia there are more responsibilities for a coxswain but whatever.)


Leslie said...

our little friend (jessica) was a cocksin (better spelling) in college! i'm sure there are adult leagues...somewhere?

Anonymous said...

I never realized you lived so close to a river. We only live 12 blocks from a river and I NEVER go down there. But then it is the Willamette. You know, the river that has 2 headed frogs and fish with legs. Can you spell POLLUTION? Mom

Anonymous said...

This looks fun. I'm glad yall have so much cool stuff to do. :)


Anonymous said...

Just promise me you won't walk there close to or after dark. Deal.... Ok.

Sommer said...

There's a masters group some of my teammates were talking about on Friday that needs coxswains! ;)

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