Thursday, October 20, 2011

Reasons I Love OKC....

Story Times at Full Circle!
Each Saturday at 10am the story lady (sadly I don't even know her name) reads books to the kids at Full Circle Bookstore. It's such a cute little bookstore and she does such a wonderful job. She always has little things to pass out to the kids that go along with the books.
She sings a fun song about raindrops and gives them a little snack.
Olivia listens to most of it, but when she gets tired there's always the train table to play with!


The Moores said...

Aww, it's like Meg Ryan and the Shop Around The Corner! Fun.

Anonymous said...

That's a great train table. Too bad your house is too small for one. Ry had a train table that folded up onto the wall. Do you remember that Ry? Love, Mom aka Gma

AM said...

Miss Julie! I love that story time! I've only gone with my nephews. As soon as Iz drops morning nap we are there!

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