Monday, November 07, 2011

Book Review

The Thorn Birds was the book club pick for the month and I didn't want it to be over! It was an epic novel and after I finished I found out EVERY SINGLE WOMAN over a certain age at our church read this, so now I figure every woman in America about my mom's age probably has read it too. Then Ole Sal tells me it's her third favorite book ever! People, please when I ask for book recommendations, give me some! I felt robbed that so many people knew about this book and never shared it with me! It's a tragic forbidden love story that spans decades and seems like something that would not be my cup o' tea but it was...and I wanted to drink a gallon of that tea. Who knew Catholic priests could be so tantalizing?! Anywho...I had a few fav quotes but the one I'll share is this "We all have comtempt for whatever there's too many of. Out here it's sheep, but in the city it's people." I give it a 10.

So this isn't a book but I watched the miniseries of the Thorn Birds after I read the book and feel I need to review it here. Of COURSE it wasn't as good as the book, but it was ok. The main thing I found appalling about it was that the Cleary family did not have red hair. That was kind of an important trait in my opinion but whatev. Also they left out 2 of the kids. And Father Ralph wasn't handsome enough. I give it a 4. Don't waste your time on this....just read the!

The Last Letter from your Lover. Do NOT judge this book by it's title. In fact I'm ashamed to even call it by it's title so we will just call it The Last Letter. (Can anyone say the word "lover" without saying it how SNL does in this scandalous skit? Lov-uh. I can't) It's not a trashy Danielle Steel novel but it is another forbidden romance book that a lady at church told me I had to read. There are two story lines it follows: one in the 60's about a woman who awakes from a coma having no memory of her family, her husband, her life. Then she starts finding letters in hidden places suggesting she was having an affair before her accident. She is piecing together the puzzle while the second story is set in modern day and a woman comes across one of these letters and is curious to find out what happened to this couple and how it can help her in her confusing relationship. Ok enough is enough. I'm not supposed to even tell you what these books are about, just my opinion, but I really liked it. A lot. I even liked both stories which I usually don't (like in Sarah's Key) I give it a 10. I'm giving a lot of 10's away this month! (speaking of Danielle Steel novels, I have never read one so I guess I shouldn't judge them blindly. I'll put it on my list of things to read so I can have an honest opinion)

The Dive from Clausen's Pier was also given to me by a lady from church...gotta love those church lady recommendations! It's a heartbreaking tale that is so honest and sad about the complexity of human emotions when tragedy strikes in a relationship. It's not a feel good book but I think you know by now that I don't mind that. It really captures the feelings of someone on the brink of adulthood and I can relate to that even if I can't relate to her fictional characters specific troubles. I give it a 9 and do NOT plan on seeing the Lifetime movie that I hear it was made into. One of my fav quotes "Memory is strange--part movie, part dream. You can never know if what you remember is the essential thing or something else entirely, a grace note."

Crazy Love probably needs no introduction since I think it's been pretty famous for awhile now. I read it on and off for a few months with my morning Bible study. It's a fast read, but I just took my sweet time with it. It's another one of those books that'll make you think about what it means to be a disciple of Christ. It challenges you and convicts you and I give it a 10. My favorite quote was actually him quoting someone else but it was "Our greatest fear as individuals and as a church should not be of failure, but of succeeding at things in life that don't really matter."

Talk Talk was one I randomly picked out after seeing the author's name all over at Powell's in Portland last time. I did not like it at all. I never got interested in any of the characters and how they responded towards an identity theft situation seemed highly irrational and unlikely to me. Maybe it's because it's a male author and many time when I read male authors I do not think the characters would do what they make them do. Much like in Little Bee. Now I'm going to have to look back and see what male authors I do like...surely there are some. Anyway I give this a 2 and I recommend it to no one.

What are you reading? Do you have any recommendations for me....even if you read it 30 years ago and they made it into a sub par miniseries?


Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm one of those ladies of an age that read Thornbirds back in the day. I can't believe you didn't think Richard Chamberlain was handsome enough! And just fyi, don't bother with any Danielle Steel. Not worth the time when there are so many good books out there to enjoy. She's really raunchy and tortures her characters way too much. Just watch one of her Lifetime movies and you'll see what I mean. As far as male authors, isn't JD Salinger a man?

Mom aka Gma

Anonymous said...

I recommend anything and everything by either one of my two favorite authors: Patricia C. Wrede or Lori Wick. Wrede is a Fantasy author and my favorites by her are Marielon the Magician and Magician's Ward; Wick is a Christian Romance author and my favorites by her are The Pretense and Bamboo and Lace. Actually I love all of her books I have too, but she's written a lot. Jessica Van Winkle

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