Monday, November 28, 2011

Coming of Age...the older one

We're home! But before I get to holiday tri-fecta posts here's a tangent post for you.
I usually watch things on hulu or netflix to fall asleep. I pick a TV show and go through the whole series. I just finished The Wonder Years and now I've started My So Called Life. I enjoyed both of these shows many years ago and am enjoying them again. But this time around it's pretty weird, because I'm not an adolescent anymore. When I watched these shows before, I was a kid and I totally related to the children/teens in the episodes. But now I'm at an age directly in the middle of the kids and the parents and I can relate to both. I still remember my childhood and teenage years, and while thankfully those 16 year old hormones are behind me, I am not old enough to forget arguments with my mom, drama at school, crushes, dating, fights with friends and all of that stuff that "coming of age" entails.

But I'm also old enough this time around to relate to the parents in these episodes. The struggles they have in their lives, career woes, marital challenges, frustrations with children, and the all around suckiness that comes with being the responsible one in your household. It makes me enjoy these shows on a whole new level. And now I can just look forward to years ahead when I will watch them again, having completely forgotten my younger years, and imagine the way I will scoff at the rudeness of the teens portrayed on the shows and the ridiculous idealism young people in general have. Just another reason to have a maybe I won't completely forget....


Anonymous said...

The only show I cannot watch on Netflix is Family Ties. I focus more on what I was doing during that year as a kid than the show. In turn I start yearning to be a kid again. -April B.

Leslie said...

Or at least so others can search for references and remind you. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm 55 and still remember my youth and the "good ole' days". I do find myself scoffing at teens and the foolishness of youth-just like my parents did. Wonder Years is really a great show. The main character is exactly the same age as Rick was during those years portrayed so he can really relate and he loves that show.

Mom aka Gma

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