Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Diaper Cake My Brother in Law Might Like

While helping plan for my dear friend Danielle's baby shower, I happened upon this beauty on Pinterest and thought, I could do that! So I did...with the help of my talented husband. It takes two sets of hands to pull this off people. It took about 30 min to make I think...I wasn't watching the clock. I tried to do a step by step pictorial for you in case you want to try this sometime!

What you'll need is about 50-60 diapers (we used size 1), 1 pair of socks, 1 bottle, 2 bibs, 2 receiving blankets, ribbon, straight pins, and possibly some wire or tape.

The first step is the hardest. Fanning out the diapers and wrapping them around something cylindrical (glue bottle, toilet paper roll, etc) to make the wheels. Trial and error gets it done. Then wrap the ribbon around tightly and pin into place. Then you can remove the center item and the diapers will hold in place.
This is the front wheel. Then you're going to roll up the two blankets (if you roll them up on the diagonal they will be longer) and place in the center of the front wheel like so....
Then make two more "wheels" and put them in place. Wrap the back blanket in through the center of the other two wheels.
Then place the bibs on top: one for the seat and one for the wheel cover. You can put socks on the ends of the front blanket for the handlebars but you might slip in a piece of thin wire before you do this so they'll stay in place better.
Place the bottle on top of the front wheel and pull the handle bars on top of the bottle and tie with ribbon into place. If you use wire you can now shape them to look right and put the socks on the ends. I also used tape to make it stay in place.
I realize it's technically not shaped like a cake but it's still called a diaper cake. I don't know why, it just is.
We had a great evening chatting it up, eating, and watching Danielle open gifts up for baby Todd. She is such a wonderful and creative mother, I feel blessed to know her (and all the other moms at the shower!) We can't wait to meet that precious little boy soon!


kmom said...

Wow! Glad you took pictures of that diaper cake. I could not picture it when you told me about it and I did not remember hearing that you and Ryan made it. Wow! Great teamwork!

Anonymous said...

Very creative. Good job and congrats to the new mother.

Mom aka Gma

Erin said...

That's awesome! Diaper cakes are getting cooler and cooler!

Leslie said...

doing it!! FUN!

Monique said...

Great idea!

dshrock said...

Thanks again for the wonderful shower. You all made us feel very special! We feel so blessed by your friendship! I can't bear to take the cake apart yet so it's still sitting on the counter where I can admire it!

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