Saturday, November 12, 2011

Don't Knock It Til You Try It!

(these photos are not me)
Acupuncture. I'm not even kidding people. Recently my doctor recommended I have another surgery that I was adamantly opposed to. After discussing it with my husband we decided it was time to try all other options, even crazy sounding ones, before another surgery. I started seeing my chiropractor more, went to a nutritionist and got lots of random supplements, and signed up for acupuncture with a doctor recommended to me by a friend.
I was a little skeptical about it but I was put at ease and chatted with the doctor awhile before laying down and letting him put about 20 tiny needles in all over my body. It felt like a tiny pinch when he put them in but after that you couldn't feel it. After 30 min of lying still with needles in me and listening to a relaxation CD he came back in, I turned over, more needles, 30 more minutes, then done! I honestly was so relaxed I had a hard time standing up afterward. I slept so well the rest of that week.
I went back two more times over the next few weeks and when I went for a follow up with my surgeon.....the problem was gone, and he no longer recommended surgery. Praise the Lord! Here's the thing....I'm sure I've already lost some of you....I'm not crediting acupuncture for healing me. I'm not crediting the supplements, or chiropractic care, or any one specific thing except for God. He can work through any medium he wants to and I will give Him full credit for any healing, but I do think all of these things had a hand in it and some people might think that's placebo or voodoo or even sacrilege, but I choose to think God can work to heal my body however he wants and that's all that matters! There are many things that acupuncture is recommended for and I suggest you check it out to see for yourself before making judgments. Plus it's way cheaper when compared to surgery or medications...with no recovery time or negative side effects!

(I did not link to my chiropractor, surgeon, nutritionist, or acupuncturist on here but if you would like any of their info I would gladly share it with you. I like all of them.)


Anonymous said...

I'm thankful your problem, whatever it was, is gone and you're feeling better.

Mom aka Gma

Wendy M. said...

You're totally right, God can work however He wants. The doctor had prescribed me morphine for my post-chemo side-effects when I started acupunture & I didn't need ANY drugs anymore because I the side-effects were virtually gone. It may not always help but it is definitely worth a try & I'm so thankful it helped you!

Chellie said...

Cool.. glad it's working. And glad you don't need surgery.. anything that can keep you from that gets an A in my book.

Shawn and Becky said...

So glad you tried it. There's a time and a place for all medicine. So happy it worked for you. It's down great things for me too. God is good!

Jennifer said...

I am a big proponent of acupuncture. I did it through all the fertility stuff, and it definitely helped with results. Greg went with me a couple of times and would just get a little freaked out by all of the needles sticking out of me.

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