Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Eat More Chicken

Our friend Laura won a free dinner party for her and some friends at the most awesome Chick-fil-A in OKC and we felt so lucky to be invited. They had tables set up with balloons and decorations and we had our own waitress!
We got to order whatever we wanted on the menu...dessert included. And our group got to take our picture with the cow (which is supposed to be on their website but I can't find it so I can't post it for you). I know it's fast food but this restaurant goes above and beyond. Everytime you're in there people are passing out free samples of stuff and the staff is so stinking friendly. They also have family fun nights with clowns and face painting and balloon animals. Not to mention the indoor play area that the kiddos love. We had a fun evening and I'm sure we'll go back to use the coupons we won in our raffle game with the cow. Here's a picture they WON'T be putting on their website I'm sure...
She was a bit scared of him to say the least. Thanks Laura for inviting us to your awesome party!
(I forgot my camera card so the cell phone pics will have to do)

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Anonymous said...

So now she's gonna have a life time fear of cows. I see a future vegan. Tell me it aint so!! Poor Olivia.

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