Saturday, November 05, 2011

The End of an Era

My gym is closing next week. Everyone found out this week...including employees. Short notice, pretty bad business move (in my opinion), and our memberships were sold to the Gold's Gym down the street. I checked it out the other day and it is very nice, but it felt weird. I'm sure it'll grow on me, but that's not what this post is about. This post is a love letter to my gym.

I, Katie Isenberg, am not an athlete in the slightest. But a year ago I encountered numerous health issues all at once. I mentioned them some on the blog and was very vague about them at times because I don't feel comfortable posting ALL my business on the interweb. All the various doctors and physical therapy were getting me rather depressed, and there wasn't much I could do to control a lot of it. So I decided to control what I could and see if working out helped me any. It's not like it could hurt right? I didn't even know how to use any of the machines at the gym. The only athletic shoes I owned were over 10 years old. But I laced them up, put my daughter in the care of gym-babysitting-strangers, and went to a few classes. After awhile I had my weekly routine down. I had favorite teachers and favorite classes. I found friends to join me and we've encouraged each other to keep working out. And it was fun! A year later those gym-babysitting-strangers now know my daughter by name, she runs to them off the elevator with a smile on her face, I have made new friends, and most importantly I am healthier! I have lost 20 pounds (granted some was due to a stomach flu, but it stayed off!) and I feel better about myself. Not all my health problems are gone but exercising regularly helped some of them and definitely helped me deal with the stress of them. I sleep better, I eat better, and I like myself better, which makes me like other people better too! And I can rock a pair of skinny jeans thanks to my fashionista friend Allison convincing me to buy some! I'm going to miss my instructors and the little gym community I came to know and love. But now that eating season is upon me, there is no backing down. I will move on. I have to. I love working out now! I will find new teachers, new classes, and probably even new gym-babysitting-strangers that will take care of my daughter just as well. But I will hold a special place in my heart for the first gym that taught me how to love myself and others more by staying in shape!
Our last zumba class. I will miss shaking my booty with these people each week!


The Moores said...

Wow, between Kelsey and her running, and your workout regime I'm VERY inspired to get myself in shape! Must find the time!

kmom said...

What a bummer!! At least you are already members at that new gym. Hope it works out.

Leslie said...

man, that sucks...did the employees get golds employment? eep!!

Shawn and Becky said...

Props to you for going everyday. If you can make it a routine it's so nice when it becomes part of life. I hope you continue to feel better!

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