Thursday, November 03, 2011

Habitat for Humanity

On Saturday before the Fall Fest I spent another day with Amanda and Jenna, but this time we weren't dancing to save boobs. This time we were working with Habitat for Humanity.
I brought my camera along to take before and after photos, but we arrived on the third day of this project, so there wasn't much to show for our work, but we helped install new windows, spackled walls, caulked tubs, sanded walls, put holes in walls (on purpose), inhaled lots of sawdust and did other various jobs. I'm not that much of a handy woman, but I felt compelled to help out since this organization will be helping Jenna finally move into her house after a horrible contractor scam that has been drawn out for months. We were just sharing the love with someone else!
And we cracked each other up all morning while working, so the time flew by!


kmom said...

I'm impressed that you went and tried to help. I bet you learned lots of useful skills!

Anonymous said...

Good for you Katie.

Mom aka Gma

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