Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Halloween: Trick or Treat Night

On the REAL Halloween night we donned our Waldo uniforms once again and headed for the Schatzel's (or should I say the Toy Story 3) house.
We took some photos and then headed out. Liv got to trick or treat with Buzz Lightyear
And Woody
And they brought along one of the aliens and Lots O' Huggin' Bear
Then the candy mission began!
Their neighborhood really goes all out and lots of houses decorate for the ghoulish occassion. We trick or treated down their street and then came back to their house to help pass out candy.
I feel like this was Liv's first Halloween even though it was really her 3rd. I guess since this was the first year she actually walked to people's doors and knocked and got to eat some of the candy she was given, it felt like the first one!
Holidays really are more fun when you have a kid's eyes to see them through.
The whole time we were walking around the neighborhood I kept wondering what she was thinking in her head...."so I'm dressed in a weird outfit, I knock on a strangers door with my toddler friends, and an adult I don't know puts candy in my bucket for no reason?"
Liv was hesitant at first to pass out any candy because she wanted to keep it to herself, but after awhile she caught on. She would point and laugh at their costumes and would try to give them handfuls of candy!
She would see people coming down the road and start yelling "More people, more people!" as she waited with armfuls of sweets. At the end of the night we were all in a sugar coma and Lo was scraping the neon green alien paint off her belly. It was a fun evening and now we have a candy drawer full of stuff I don't want any of us eating, but I'll try to ration it!
I hope your Halloween was fun...I promise tomorrow's post won't have stripes in it!


The Moores said...

I totally agree, holidays are more fun when you get to see them through a kid's eyes. I can't believe she kept those big ol' glasses on for so long! What a cutie.

Anonymous said...

Olivia's bucket sure wasn't very big. I'll bet you did that on purpose.

Mom aka Gma

Leslie said...

oh my goodness, how funny would it have been if halloween was baby delivering day?! midwife pulls up shirt and BAM! = ALIEN FACE!

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