Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Birthday George!!

My oldest nephew turns 8 today! Eight?! Carrie was pregnant with George the first time I met her. It was the summer Ryan and I were 1900 miles apart trying to have a long distance relationship over instant messenger and he got to fly down to see me in OKC, to drive back up with his pregnant sister. (David was off doing something with the military, don't worry he didn't leave her!) After George was born (in Biloxi, MS) they moved to Altus, OK; Ryan and I went down to visit them in and got to babysit baby George. He holds a special place in my heart for being my first nephew...the others have special places too though so don't get all jealous. Here are 8 pieces of wisdom from your favorite aunt (sorry Aunt Laura and Aunt Melissa, you guys are pretty awesome too)
1. Never stop playing with legos, they are a great toy for all ages of life
2. Cherish the days with your brother in your awesome man cave in the basement
3. Never date the same girl as your brother (I'm gleaning lots of brotherly advice by watching The Wonder Years on Netflix)
4. You have reached the age where the naked dance after bath time is no longer appropriate in front of mixed audiences....but at home, knock your socks off! (except you aren't wearing any socks if you're dancing by the rules so nevermind)
5. You're never too young to set a Christian example for your friends and your siblings. Start now and it will be easier when you're older.
6. Keep leading singing, even when your voice starts to change
7. Spend time helping your mom cook in the kitchen. Women love a man who can cook!
8. Spend time in the garage with your dad. (I know you already do) Women also love a man who is handy!

I love you George and although you are 8 and practically a man....I will always remember you like this...


The Moores said...

Thank you so much for the great advice. George is very lucky to have such a wise aunt:). I'll definitly make sure he takes note of the part about not dancing naked in mixed audiences!

Anonymous said...

We'll never forget that naked dance. I too am impressed with your wisdom Katie. What a great aunt you are.

Mom aka Gma

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