Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm All Shook Up

Unless you live here or are obsessed with seismology, you probably don't know that our state has had 3 earthquakes within a week of each other. Maybe it's considered one with the other two being very large aftershocks, but I don't technically know, because I don't technically care. The first one we slept through. The second one I had enough time to walk to the other side of the house (after thinking a car with loud bass was shaking our windows) and say to Ryan "Is this an earthquake?" To which he replied "I think so" to which I replied "I think we should stand in this door way." So we did, and the house shook for a few more seconds and then it was over. Then I got on facebook and had fun reading everyone's status updates. The third one was a few days later and I was doing laundry. The dryer was already shaking beside me, but I thought I felt the ground shaking under me too. Once again I walked to the playroom and said "Is this ANOTHER earthquake" and Ryan said "I think so." And we went on about our merry business. I wasn't scared. I didn't wake Olivia up...she slept through all three...and I don't have an overwhelming since of impending doom. But it is kind of weird that we've had that many close together. This was the funniest thing I saw on facebook after it happened.
Maybe after a few more I'll look up to see what the safety precautions are for these things.


Chellie said...
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Chellie said...

Since you don't care but I live to inform people -- there have been a lot more than three. The one you stood in the doorway for was the largest ever recorded in Oklahoma -- the big one before that a forshock and the dozens since all aftershocks.. they actually destroyed at least one house and damaged several others.. Sorry to be annoying, I just have too much information. :)

Anonymous said...

I know earthquakes are serious business, but that picture is hilarious. Thanks for my chuckle of the day.

Mom aka Gma

Kristen said...

Earthquakes definitely freak me out, but that picture is hilarious!!

Leslie said...

i know a few californians who could help you with earthquake prep. :)

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