Thursday, November 10, 2011

Newsletter: 26 Months

Dear Olivia,
This month you've really started learning how to say all of your friends names and you talk about them a lot! When we drive in the car you'll ask to go to Des's house or Aujrey's (Audrey) house. You'll tell me about Annee chrying (crying) at Mother's Day Out and Silly (Sydney) playing. And Kee (Keely) and A-el (Elle) in Bible class. But the person you love to talk about most is Noah's Daddy. All will be quiet in the car and you will just randomly say "Noah's daddy" and I'll say "What is Noah's daddy's name" and you'll say Sean. Except you draw it out like Shhhaaawwwwwnn. We don't even really see him that often but for whatever reason you sure do like to talk about him!
The potty training is in full force and you are wearing big girl undies all day except at night! I'm going to be trying a "3 day potty method" with you this weekend that our friends tried out and swear by it. We'll see if that helps at nap time and night time. I'll let you know in the next newsletter I guess! The pez candy helped you get over your fear of public toilets, but now you are a bit of a candy monster. You'll pee just a teeny amount and then cheer and get a piece and then sit down and pee some more and get another piece and the cycle continues. We'll have to work on that.
The time change I think has been messing with you and you've been waking up before 8:00 lately which I am NOT used to. It's ok though, because even if it means I get less reading done, you are so fun in the mornings! You eat your breakfast (usually oatmeal with "Sprinchles peez") and then immediately demand Elmo. You've had a hard time understanding why Elmo isn't on tv all the time but usually you calm down and will watch whatever else is on PBS while I clean the kitchen up and try and look decent for whatever adventure we have in store for the day!
Most days when you wake up you start yelling "MOMMY OUT!" and then as soon as I come in you'll say "Daddy home?" and I'll tell you what day of the week it is and say Daddy works today but he'll be home Saturday morning. And oh the joy on your face when Saturday morning comes!
Some popular sentences right now are:
Play Me? (when you want us to play)
Tower Me? (when you want to build a tower)
I want two (you always want two of every item)
I peepee!! (always said by arching your back and clapping hands in excitment)
Hi-O Char-ee! (when she sees Charlie)
Hold you Mommy (when you want me to hold you)
This my Jeezy Bible (Jesus is on the cover and you pronounce it Jeezy, I think you think Bible is his last name)
I'd say you only nap about 50% of the time right now. You still have to be in your crib for about 2 hours whether you sleep or not. But usually I hear you talking to bear or making silly noises and occasionally jumping in your bed. You can entertain yourself very well. We tried to make the move to a big girl bed one day at nap time and you would absolutely not stay in your bed. The minute we left you just played with books or climbed in your chair and sat. We made many efforts to put you back in but after about a dozen we decided the crib would work for now.So I think we'll hold off on that a bit longer.
You still say you are five when we ask how old you are but then I'll say "How old are you really Olivia?" and you'll look all sad and say "Two" with slumped shoulders and a frown. You're so funny! One day you even said "four" at first. At least we're getting closer!
You are loving your books still. You can actually "read" Brown Bear with help and your favorite page is the teacher page. You call Go Dog Go! the "Puppy Go!" book. And sometimes at nap time if I say we can read 3 books, you just want to read your zoo book with the flaps 3 times in a row. You love to point out the seals on each page and love the hippos hugging. You call most animals by their names except monkeys and pigs. Those are still called by their noises: ooo ooo's and wee wee's (the little pig says wee wee wee all the way home)
When your great grandparents were here this month you waited for them on the porch steps and now anytime I say someone is coming over to our house you'll say "wait on porch." Sometimes I'll say it's too cold and you'll say "Pants? Coat? Shoes?"
Now that your vocabulary is growing you are piecing things together with your memories. When I mentioned Derek the other day you said "boo!" because one time he scared you pretty good playing peek a boo and you were afraid of him the rest of the evening. But that was MONTHS ago. The other day we drove past the Dollar Tree which you were in for 3 min. with me to buy Halloween candy 2 weeks ago but you pointed to it and said "Candy Store!"
Since it seems you are actually remembering things I'm trying to realize things we are doing now might actually make it into your long term memory bank. This is a wonderful thing but also frightens me a bit as to what I want your memories of me to be as your mommy. We have lots of fun together but I could always be more patient with you. I could always speak a little nicer when I'm frustrated and I probably lose my temper a little too quickly at times. I will always be a work in progress...and so will you! But I know I will look back on these times with you and see them as fun and I hope you do too!
I love you,


Jennifer said...

That's a beautiful picture of you and Liv. I can't believe she is getting so big.

lauren and brad said...

You are like the best mama I know. :)

Sommer said...

That's hilarious that she still remembers Derek scaring her! She's getting to be such a big kid!

kmom said...

I love you, Olivia! Cool looking sunglasses you have. See you soon! Love, Grammy

Anonymous said...

HAPPY 26 months sweet girl. Grandma loves you very much and I'm counting the days till Christmas vacation.

Leslie said...

i just keep thinking about how awesome it's going to be for these kids to read such kind words their mommas took time to write down. so cool.

Monique said...

Love your newsletters!

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