Wednesday, November 09, 2011

OC Homecoming

Hail they purpose full and free
Life and truth to Alma mater
May thy glories ever be

Lift your voices anthems raise
Swell the chorus in her praise
Hail to Oklahoma Christian
Alma Mater hail to thee.

I still remember it! We had to sing it every Monday in chapel back in the day. I was a good alumna and actually participated in homecoming festivities this past weekend. Allison and I attended the OC production of Beauty and the Beast Friday night and were simply amazed by the performance. The set, and costumes, and characters were all wonderful! I did not attempt to take Olivia as it was a very late show and she wouldn't have lasted very long but we didn't need a kid to enjoy this show!
Then on Saturday Ryan and I went to the OC Alumni luncheon and saw several people we knew. Then we just walked around the campus with Olivia looking at all the improvements that have been made since we left. It made us a bit nostalgic for the old days, especially when touring the art department. Life goes by fast, before we know it, Liv will be ready for college I'm sure!
There was no one around to take our family photo by the beautiful trees changing color in the forum so these will have to do. Can you tell it was a bit windy?!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Awe I wish I would've known you went to lunch, I would've come. All I did was watch the first half of the girls game to see our friends from Kiowa....

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