Sunday, November 13, 2011

Reasons I Love OKC...

(groceries AND free cooking classes!)

I recently switched grocery stores and have really been enjoying the Buy for Lesses in our area. Some are nicer than others but they have a really good produce section and offer many specialty items including organic food, gluten free food, ethnic foods, etc. Their prices also are hard to beat! A week ago I noticed ads for cooking classes with their nutritionist so I called to see what the dealio was and it was almost too good to be true! A FREE cooking class and you get to eat the meal she prepares! The bonus is that it is when Olivia was at Mother's Day Out AND during my normal grocery shopping time. I think I have a new activity to do each month now!
This month focused on gluten free recipes that would be great holiday dishes: hummus, quinoa cranberry salad, baked chicken, and pumpkin cinnamon muffins. I enjoyed it and although the portions were small (it's only a VERY LIGHT lunch) it filled me up til dinner. Plus I plan on making the quinoa salad this week.
If you live in the OKC area click on the link at the top to see if you can attend a free class!


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm gonna have to google quinoa because I have no idea what it is.

Mom aka Gma

Jennifer said...

I'm jealous. How cool is all that. Love love love me some quinoa. It is one of the most complete proteins you can eat (even though it is a grain), and I am a little sad that you are learning different hummus recipes. I could eat a whole bowl of that at a time. Like I said, I. Am. Jealous.

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