Friday, November 04, 2011

Recent playdates

I just went through my October pics and found a few things I never posted, so here's a random smattering! Yes we still have playgroup, and here they are enjoying a day at Amanda's.
Liv and Grady practiced sharing while riding a giraffe.
Sometimes it gets a little chaotic and it's time to pop in some Veggie-tales so the mommies can chatter while kids calm down before nap time.
The weather has still been amazing so we ventured to the zoo last week specifically to check out the baby tigers. There are three! I guess they were born in July but somehow we hadn't seen em yet!
We saw lots of other animals as well.
And we also found Ben and Des.
I love Des's "upward eyebrow" face
We did not go to Haunt the Zoo, but they had all the decorations up in the day time too, and Liv loved to look at them. I hear the crowds are ridiculous for it so I doubt we will ever go at night!
And here is Liv reading in car probably on the way to the zoo or playgroup!


kmom said...

How was the big blue ball in the bear habitat?

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad she likes her Mona Lisa book. The boys sure outnumber the girls in your playgroup, don't they?

Mom aka Gma

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