Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Before Branson

We had Olivia's Christmas before we took her to Branson. Then before Ryan and I headed up to be with the family, we had our own Christmas with just us....and Charlie of course. We just did stockings this year since we decided to stay here 2 nights while in Branson. It was a wonderful place and I hope we can return another time and maybe I won't be sick next time! (you know me, traveling out of town + a holiday + no immune system = inevitable trip to urgent care) I feel old being excited about new hot pads but I really wanted some new ones!! Charlie stuck her head WAY down in her stocking to get her treats.
And the traditional loot photos!
(Ryan says my necklace looks like Reese's Pieces)


Anonymous said...

I think it's so great that my son got kitchen utensils and seems very happy about it. Ry, you make your mama proud. Did ya get any Jolly Ranchers in your stocking? Katie, I saw that necklace while you were in Branson and I loved it.

Leslie said...

i've been waiting for the loot post!

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