Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Countdown AND Reasons to Love OKC

If you haven't checked out any of the downtown in December activities in OKC, then you are crazy. My dear friend Allison is in charge of it all and she has done an amazing job!! I hope we get to enjoy more events like the ice skating, tree lighting, free museum days, water taxi, and snow tubing in the future, but this year we were more than thrilled to enjoy one of the winter activities on our countdown: Saturdays with Santa!
Day 9: Baby Jesus and the activity was see Santa at the Myriad Gardens. All of the things at the Myriad every Saturday with Santa are free!! When we visited we got to take pics with not only Santa, but Rumble as well!!
Once again she wasn't too thrilled when the time actually came to sit in his lap but this Santa was so sweet and nice and talked to her to ease her fears before we took a photo with mommy :)
Then we got to make some adorable reindeer antlers.
Check out the reindeer snot!
And enjoy mini cupcakes from Sara Sara. Yum!
The weather was so nice we enjoyed the playground there as well.
Thanks for organizing all the fun for families in OKC Allison!!


kmom said...

That Santa looks real. Rumble is the one who looks scary. I like the little reindeer's shadow.

Anonymous said...

That is one cute snotty nose. See you tomorrow.

Mom aka Gma

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