Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Countdown!

The Countdown continues!
Day 2: Christmastime is Here book with flaps and the activity was Eat Snowmen Donuts.
Charlie even enjoyed this book!
I was going more for this style of donut, but I woke up feeling sick and didn't show Ryan a picture of my inspiration, so he improvised and they looked more like this.
Still cute and delicious! No complaints from the powdered lipped ones!
Day 3: Politically Correct Holiday Stories and the activity was Mayfair's Christmas Pageant night!
Once again, not age appropriate, but we skimmed a few pages and she couldn't care less. Olivia was a sheep along with the other toddlers in the pageant and she got to see Santa and Mrs. Claus.
We talked about Santa for a few days ahead of time and she seemed to enjoy pointing him out when she saw his image at various places, but when it came time to see him in person....she was still scared out of her mind. She did sit on Mrs. Claus's lap, and we took a family photo with them. Good enough for me!
Here's the interview I gave her on the way there.

Day 4: Olivia Claus and the activity was Christmas music dance party!
I know you might get tired of the "reading books part" pictures, but I like it and Ryan takes such creative photos. (To answer your question, Leslie, we got my dad's hand me down camera in Sept. but anytime there are good photos on the's because Ryan took them)
We rocked out to some of our fav Christmas tunes in Santa hats and Olivia has Jingle Bells already down! This video goes out to Liv's fairy godmother, Erin, who sent me a dance/karaoke video of herself for my bday. We were going to skype the dance party with her but she wasn't home yet.
See you can't say I only embarrass my husband and daughter on the blog now!

Day 5: Sesame Street Christmas Coloring book and the activity was to color Christmas pictures
Sorry there are no pics of her coloring in it but she did!

Day 6: The Snow Family pop up book and the activity was to mail Christmas cards. Liv didn't help much with this one but I did include pictures she drew in some of them!

Day 7: The Night Before Christmas (we have 3 different versions of this in the line up), but can I just say that I love any illustrations by Gyo Fujikawa (she illustrated this book) and the activity was make Christmas treats for neighbors and teachers.
Here is Liv laying out the Otis Spunkmeyer frozen treats bought from a school fund raiser...who says all treats have to be homemade?
Ok I'll stop there and save the other days for more posts!



I have seen many adorable children...but this little girl just makes me smile EVERYTIME I see her. Wish we were closer so that I could hang out with her and adorableness more. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of doing something special each day. Thanks for sharing! Love you!


Ted and Anne said...

Katie, you are the most creative person EVER!! :) Will you be at Mayfair on Christmas day? I hope so...I really want to meet you (and Olivia!)

Jennifer said...

Very cute. I especially love the sheep in the baby gate area.

Also, that was some awesome CoC dancing going on.

kmom said...

Olivia was a cute sheep. I liked the corral for them. In the video with the book, I think she said, "funny words" when you didn't understand what she said. How often do we say "jingle"? Great Christmas activity ideas.

Anonymous said...

Traditions are grrrreat! I love the donut snowman idea. I'm gonna have to remember that.

Mom aka Gma

Leslie said...

these are fantastic traditions! and thanks for addressing my question, lovely dancing lady!

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