Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Countdown!

There are so many pics from Day 8 I had to make it a post all it's own!
Day 8: A Cup of Christmas Tea. It's an ornament but it's actually the whole book. Ryan had the help of a magnifying glass to read it. Ha!
The activity was to drive around and see the Christmas lights.
We hit up some of the houses in the Linwood neighborhood, then drove to Nichols Hills, then hit up Chesapeake, and back through downtown to see the buildings on Broadway all lit up! This was a really fun night and Liv kept shouting "More Lights Please!" These were some of our favorites spots!
This house's gates made me think of heaven
Then back home to our lit up house!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Those houses look so pretty, and yours looks good, too!


Sommer said...

I love looking at light too! I drove by a house this evening in my neighborhood that I'd seen a few years ago and forgotten about. They light it up to music. 19th and Ollie and tune your radio into 107.1

Anonymous said...

Your house is beautiful. Are you going to bring any books and presents for me to give Olivia the few days I have her?

Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

Your house looks pretty. Did you go see the neighborhood with the music and lights that all go together?

AM said...

I love it! The gate of the house with the white lights at penn and wilshire looks like something from Cinderella to me. I guess it reminds me of the lighted stagecoach or something. But heaven is cool too. :)

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