Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas in Branson

Here's the crew that took care of our wee one until we arrived a few days before Christmas. Liv had lots of fun at Gigi's house and keeps asking me when we can go back!
She got to open the last of her countdown books with grandma every night.
With all the ipads and iphones around she was stocked with electronical fun. Uncle Mike got her to perform for quite a few musical videos.
And Aunt Debbie kept her entertained as well! She was not short on people to love her!
As I mentioned before, I was under the weather most of the time we were in Branson, so I didn't take as many pictures as I normally would, but Ryan snapped enough to remember the fun week we had. And it really was fun despite the illness. The first night we were there we went to see Silver Dollar City all lit up with lights. At first Liv was scared by the big musical tree but then she liked it. We walked around in the cold, played with a blue flashing snowflake toy, saw a show, and got a candy cane from a Santa-ish man. The next night everyone went over to the Broyles to decorate cookies and sing songs. I was laying on a couch back at Gma's. I think Ryan took pics with Mona's camera because I have none of either of these nights. On Christmas day I rallied with great gusto and made it to church and through present opening and even for a nertz tournament. Kira beat me by a few points so I'll blame the illness :)
Liv got lots of fun gifts that she is enjoying at home now.
She really likes her princess tent and I'm looking forward for the first invitation to a sleep over so I can ship her off with her princess sleeping bag too!
She has no idea who the princesses are on anything but I reckon she'll learn!
She likes telling other people what to color more than color herself but she's getting better!
Here are all the great grand kids that were there. Emma, Olivia, Theoden, Molly, Mason, Wyatt, and Asa asleep in the corner on the floor.
And here is Grandma with her kids and spouses (Uncle Sam is missing)
And that was our Christmas in Branson!
That evening we headed to the Bed and Breakfast for a 2 night stay, this was the only picture I took of the view from our balcony. I'd like to go back when it's warmer.
Then we came home on Tuesday night. Now we are all unpacked and finding organized places for all our presents so we can get them out and play with them often!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad she likes her tent. I didn't realize how busy we were until you put it down in writing. It was fun though. Miss ya all already. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Mom aka Gma

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