Friday, December 30, 2011

Crafty Christmas!

I didn't feel as crafty this year as last but there were a few crafts I thought I'd share. I did make the scarves for a few peeps and the sock snowmen that I already showed you. But my favorite thing are the wooden spool people I made Olivia. I followed this tutorial. You just paint wooden knobs to look like whatever faces you can create. It's easier to do this if you use a dowel rod stuck in the bottom.
Let them dry, spray with acrylic finish to make them shiny, then glue onto a spool body and pick some clothes for them from your scrap fabric collection! Voila!
We also made these handprint snowmen ornaments for some family members. I attached a little poem about Olivia's handprint. Some snowmen were blowing in the breeze and some were missing a finger but they turned out cute and you can use marker for the details once the handprint dries.
Olivia even got crafty at Mother's Day Out by making this little wreath covered in holiday socks with bells added. And a handprint Christmas tree! I love it when she brings home crafts!


Anonymous said...

I don't remember getting a poem with my ornament. Since I got two of the handprint ornaments, was I supposed to share one with Great Grandma or Laura?

Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

I like the hand print Christmas tree picture. So sorry you were sick. Glad Olivia was well and had a fun time. Love,Mom

Monique said...

Love the crafts! You are very creative

Leslie said...

FUN spool people!!

AM said...

I'm stalking your archives for activities to do. :) Do you have those snowman hand print ornaments pinned anywhere? If not, what kind of what paint did you use to make the snowmen? Then just a black sharpie?

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