Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Deck the Halls!

Here are some pics of the decorating we did around the house and outside the house! This was our Day 1 activity of the Christmas Countdown. I'll post some other days' activities later in the week. It was really fun for Olivia to get more involved this year. She even has her own little tree in her room. She likes taking the ornaments off and rearranging them.
(Did you notice we made the motorcycle toy into an ornament, Joe? It's her fav)
I'll post a pic of the lighted house eventually but it's still not done thanks to rain and cold temps and a steep roof. :)

P.S. Sadly we found many tiny bugs had eaten a lot of the ornaments my grandmother had made out of yarn. They were in Tupperware-like storage in the garage, but the bugs somehow got into the boxes and had their way with them, leaving their carcasses and fuzz everywhere. Some bugs were still alive, so I'm sure they are now feasting on our furniture and rugs. I emailed our bug man about this. Has anyone else ever had this happen? Should we use moth balls or something in our containers? Inquiring minds need know!


Anonymous said...

How sad about your grandmas oranaments. Sure seems like tupperware should have protected them. A tree of her own for Olivia. How great for her.
Mom aka Gma

dshrock said...

i'm almost afraid to ask, but what's the deal with the troll dolls?

Anonymous said...

Have you tried cedar blocks? My family used to use those anywhere something fabric was stored.

The Moores said...

Alice will be very jealous of Olivia's tree! She's been asking to have one in her room. Glad to see the troll nativity scene is still going strong:).

kmom said...

Aunt Julie uses small special paper packets sized about 2" by 3" to put in her winter clothes she stores to protect against moths and silverfish.

Tarren and Erin said...

I bet the bugs were already in there so the tupperware just kept them in. My grandma in law told me that is the way with weevils that get in your flour and stuff. She told me to put everything like that (flour, cornmeal) in the freezer for a week to kill the bug eggs that are already in there when you buy them.

tricia said...


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