Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Early Christmas: The Countdown Comes to an End

Day 16: We read Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and the activity was to open presents the next morning!
I know, I know it's a bit early huh? But Ryan's parents were going to be in Branson already so we thought we'd take her up early so her grandparents could have more time with her and so we could have a few days to ourselves! Then we'll head back up there for this weekend. Ryan still had to work this week, but man oh man I am getting so much organizing done around the house!
Occasionally I stop to watch something on Netflix but mostly I'm cleaning and purging our house of clutter! Maybe a post will be coming up about that. Anyway back to Christmas pics! We started off the morning with cinnamon rolls.
While they were prepared I had to take multiple pictures of this girl and her two bears that she's obsessed with.
While they cooked daddy joined us while we watched the end of Ernest Saves Christmas.
Then we went into the living room and saw Santa had come!
She wanted to start painting on her easel right away. So we let her, because she's our only child and we can pause present opening to let her enjoy her gifts!
Then she got to open the gifts from us.
Then came the stocking! Her adorable stocking was a prototype at Ryan's work that they gave us when they were done. I love it!
I just lover her posed smile right now. It's so adorably fake, and yet still wonderful. Oh the anticipation!Here is her Christmas loot. She got lots of fun things to play with and wear and eat and read. Here is our family on "Christmas day" with the tree. (Ryan and I are opening stockings before we go back to Branson)So our countdown ended a bit shorter than we first planned, but we got to do lots of fun things and I think we will definitely be doing this again next year! I look forward to adding different activities the older she gets! The rest of the books she is opening with her Grandma and Grandpa in Branson each night, and I don't remember what they are. I'm sure they are doing lots of fun activities each day though! But I must go now and get back to organizing while I only have one day left without my little girl! Merry Christmas to all of you and I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend spent with people you love!

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Erin said...

I like your ideas of the countdown, we might incorporate some of those next year. And I'm kind of wishing I had gotten an easel too, but am hoping H is as excited about her table and chairs. I LOL'd at Ryan's "Your Welcome" at the end of the video. So excited he is.

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