Thursday, December 08, 2011

Gym Update

People have been asking so I thought I'd let you know about the gym situation as of today. Things are looking up over at Gold's. I'm not gushing with pride about them or anything, but I'm not dragging my feet to go work out as much. I'm still not a fan of the class times, size of certain classes, and the crazy parking. BUT I am warming up to some instructors and getting in a groove of going. I hate leaving Ryan and Olivia in the evenings but I'd rather leave her with her daddy than in the child care there. The best news of all is that after enough requests they are hiring our favorite teacher Mandy to start teaching the Thursday class.....hurray!! All of us that were bought from Aspen are like little groupies in the classes, and we stick together. I still can't get over how many people are there EVERY time and how many of them look like professional body builders or models or something. I might be intimidated if I weren't this good looking ;) I'm only intimidated by everyone's awesome gym attire. I feel I need a new wardrobe just to sweat. The logo mascot man of Gold's gym cracks me up. I call him Biff McLargeHuge...which I think is from a Mystery Science Theater quote but I can't remember.
Speaking of working out....I've got to go finish making holiday junk food. Hopefully I can keep off the holiday pounds with all the sweets going around but I make no promises! If you'd like to try out a class with me I think you can get a free visit and they do have a delicious smoothie bar. :)


lizcannon said...

i kinda sorta tagged you on pinterest for some fabric... don't know if it worked... so take a look :)

Leslie said...

Kudos to you for not letting the closing of your fave gym deter you from working out!

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