Thursday, December 01, 2011

Holiday Tri-fecta: Christmas

It's weird to me to think that some of you out there don't travel long distances for the holidays. You stay at home, or go to family or friends houses in the same town, and it sounds so lovely and completely foreign to me. Traveling and holidays just seem to go hand in hand. We traveled to Michigan every year for Christmas growing up, then I moved to OKC for college so I always traveled home on breaks.

Now we live here and my family and Ryan's family live all over the place, except in OKC, so it's only natural for us to pack up the car and venture out to be with the ones we love on holidays. Of course it's a hassle packing suitcases, the dog bag, the food bag, the toy bag, the toiletry bags, the emergency bag, the electronic bag, the presents, etc. but I honestly wouldn't want to be without family on the holidays!

We will be with Ryan's family in Branson this Christmas, so we went ahead and celebrated it in TN with my family on Saturday.

Christmas with a 2 year old means that she actually opens all the presents for everyone there.
She was a great helper and loved seeing all the presents, even if they weren't for her! She wanted to eat mommy and daddy's candy in our stockings so we had to tell her they were our potty prizes for when we go potty. Don't laugh. It worked.Her favorite gift was definitely the Christmas card that played music from her Pop.

All the holidays we celebrated just wiped Olivia out!

But she regained composure long enough to pick her nose and play on Uncle Joe's phone.


Anonymous said...

That girl has music in her heart. So precious. Can't wait to share Christmas #2 with you in Branson.

Mom aka Gma

Leslie said...

I hope she put a booger on uncle joe's phone (you know, for wearing crocs). Happy early christmas!

p.s. new flash? looks fantastic!

Erin said...

I absolutely love that picture of Amy and Liv. Precious!

Monique said...

Cute video!

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