Monday, December 19, 2011

How We Fell in Love

Ok maybe this was actually just a homework project from college that Ryan found on an old CD. But watch it again and notice a few things
1. My awesome Mrs. Nesbit glasses! (they were a roomate joke and are also featured in the commercial below)
2. How adorable is my husband in college?
3. What kind of prom hair-do do I have going?
4. Ry's shirt that I got him in Ireland that was a little too short but he wore it because he loved me...or because no one told him it was too short

Now check out another good ole college assignment featuring me, Mrs. Nesbit, Holly, the house on Chinaberry and Puppy LOO!!!!
These crack me up and are probably just weird to you but they bring back some hilarious college memories!


Chellie said...

He must have known it was too short because he has a shirt under it -- haha.. Nate has that problem a lot too. The hassles of being a tall guy.
I love the videos -- we must all have some of these crazy videos.

reborn1995 said...

Letters to Cleo covering Cheap Trick! i believe that's from the 10-Things-I-Hate-About-You soundtrack.

i'm not a girl, i swear.


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