Tuesday, December 27, 2011

List of Accomplishments sans toddler

I dedicate this post to my mother. She might be the only one to read it all and the only one to fully appreciate how organized I CAN be when I try REALLY HARD (and don't have a toddler pulling at my leg).

These are the things I did while my daughter was living it up in Branson with her grandparents the week before Christmas. Neither one of us missed each other one bit but we both sure were glad to be reunited! There are a few pics to keep you interested....
  1. Rearranged Olivia's closet
  2. Went through her clothes to donate, hand down, keep
  3. Made labels for her clothing storage with my awesome label maker
  4. Moved furniture to make room for her new easel and to prepare for the "big girl room" switch (the pics were obviously taken when the toddler returned)(more pics when the crib finally goes away! We aren't ready QUITE yet)
  5. Made homemade powder laundry soap
  6. Made homemade all purpose cleaner
  7. Finally sent off the paperwork for Olivia's Cherokee ID number
  8. Updated pictures in frames in the house
  9. Had my engagement ring inspected for its biannual check up....like a well baby visit for jewelry
  10. Vacuumed and dusted each room
  11. Redid the laundry "room"
  12. Cleaned the washer and dryer inside and out
  13. Sorted through all junk and catch all spaces in the house
  14. Bought storage containers for various places
  15. Bought Christmas gifts
  16. Went through file cabinet and purged paperwork older than 3 years
  17. Went through DVD, CD, VHS...and finally threw out all VHS
  18. Made memorabilia folders from my time in Europe, mission trips, and job stuff
  19. Reorganized office desk and tv dresser drawers
  20. Reorganized toys and books and purged
  21. Put up Christmas cards on the memo board
  22. Visited baby Genevieve and family
  23. Reorganized our closet, got rid of some clothes, emptied a few drawers and shelves
  24. Sorted jewelry and accessories and made a new spot for it hanging in the closet...this is by far my favorite thing. Lo made my earring holder for my birthday
  25. Made a spot for all my books stacked up to read and return
  26. Cleaned out nightstands
  27. Sorted through all my craft/sewing items that were strewn throughout the house and turned our living room tv cabinet into a craft cabinet (got rid of the tv in there)
  28. Courtney came to help me with this huge task. Then I labeled all containers. It may look a bit junky in the photo in the photo above but trust me it is ALL organized and in one place. And best of all it all shuts up behind two doors! Plus just look at how junky it was before!
  29. Sorted through cards and made organized container for them all, ones to send and ones to save
  30. Went through Livs memorabilia baby stuff and compiled a smaller more manageable amount to maybe put in a baby book....or box
  31. Reorganized the dining room buffet so I now have a place for my sewing machine and gift wrapping area
  32. Mailed the something special books at church
  33. Went to the chiropractor
  34. Updated iPod with new songs and playlists
  35. Blogged
  36. Made storage area for Livs kitchen activities (like markers and play dough)
  37. Organized Charlie's dog stuff
  38. Backed up pictures to external hard drive
  39. Watched Ellen, Parenthood, checked Facebook, emails, blogs, words with friends sparingly (I didn't read or go to the gym once! I was too busy organizing)
  40. Rocked out with pandora while cleaning
  41. Took down a few Xmas decorations
  42. Wrapped Xmas gifts
  43. Watched okc utilities put in new plumbing from the street to our house
  44. Did laundry
  45. That's enough right?
So now I just have to finish the kitchen, under our bed, and the garage (well that's really Ryan's domain). It feels so good!

Don't worry, I didn't work the entire day. When Ryan came home from work we went out to eat every night and even watched some movies and went shopping. And we didn't whisper after 8pm because there was no baby to wake up! It was heavenly! Thank you soooooo much Rick and Mona and Gigi for loving on Liv so I could organize our lives and spend some quality time with my main squeeze.


AM said...

Wow Katie! You accomplished so much! Very impressive!

tricia said...

holy moly-this is one impressive list! you rock!

Michelle said...

Yes I agree with the above comments, I am way impressed! Good job! I don't think if both of my kids were gone I'd get that much accomplished....

Jennifer said...

Wow, I am impressed! Greg and I did lots of "pre-baby" work over the holidays, but did not get nearly that much accomplished.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that is enough, Katie. Well done. I love the satisfied feeling that organizing/purging gives you! Thanks for sending Geek Love along with Mona--Happy New Year!


WOW!! That sounds like 2 weeks worth of stuff! You are very inspirational. =)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Very impressive!


Anonymous said...

You are very very welcome. Thank you for sharing that sweet girl with us and giving us some quality bonding time. I loved every moment of it. You can drop her off anytime. We miss you all already. Love ya. Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

I am super, super impressed!!! After 10 things, I kept saying, "I can't believe it!" Wow! I am so glad you were well and able to get so so so much done! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I am most impressed by how you organized your scarves by the colors of the spectrum (ROYGBIV). Good job!

Monique said...

Very impressive! Need to come to my house now

Leslie said...

did you automatically whisper anyway? this list is pretty impressive!

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