Sunday, December 18, 2011

More Christmas Countdown!

We're continuing the countdown if you're just now tuning in...
Day 10: Holidays Hugs and the activity was to watch White Christmas! I had never seen this movie until I was married and my husband said it was a family tradition. Therefore it became a tradition for us as well. It has grown on me, but I still usually fall asleep through half of it. Olivia actually watched it. She liked to dance along with the musical numbers. If we looked bug eyed in this photo it's because I am always shocked at the grotesque Barbie like proportions of Judy's body.
It's just not healthy. Her waist is like 10 inches and her thighs don't even come close to touching?! Someone told me she had an eating disorder at the time. I hope she got help.
Day 11: Olivia Helps with Christmas and the activity was to make paper snowflakes. First of all I would just like to say that I love the original Olivia books. All the ones that Nickelodeon wrote after they bought the rights to "Olivia" aren't nearly as adorable, but I will still read them, it's just a bit of a downer. I highly enjoy this original one though. Anyway, Shanny was here for the paper snowflake festivity and it's a good thing because I was more focused on taking pics that instructing my 2 year old in scissor safety.
Don't worry, as frightening as these pics one was cut. She liked hanging them up more than anything.
Day 12: Another version of The Night Before Christmas and the activity was to make a Christmas craft.
She helped me make a sock snowman prototype before Erin and Allison came over. We got the tutorial from here. It was super easy and you probably have all the stuff you need laying around your house if you're a crafty person.
Day 13: The 12 Days of Christmas was the book and the activity was to help spread holiday cheer to others.
We totally sang the whole book.
Liv liked the numbers and the turtledove. Our church had a service night at a nursing home so we went to sing carols to the elderly to spread the holiday cheer. Here is Ms. Laura helping Liv pass out gifts while we sing.

Liv was a pro at this. She went around afterward with her daddy saying "Merry Kismas" to each person. If he skipped one she'd point to them until he went over there. I could take a lesson from her as nursing homes and the elderly tend to freak me out, but I did my best and made it out alive. (I was slapped in the face by a 100+ year old lady at Tealridge while playing scrabble with her in college. I'll blame her for the start of my prejudice toward the elderly)

Day 14: Xmas music card and the activity was to read the nativity story. I had bought this fisher price nativity set back in the spring at JBF and was saving it for a Xmas gift, but I decided to let Liv open it after we read about Baby Jesus.
She got to play with it all evening.
V-seats for Baby Jesus!
Day 15: Baby Jesus is Born and the activity was to pick out our family ornament for 2011.
We have picked a Hallmark ornament every year we've been married and we plan to let Olivia pick one for herself to start her own collection when she's a year or two older. It's so fun each year to unwrap the ornaments and remember where we were in our lives at that time. This year we chose a vintage Little People House.
The doorbell works and it even opens up and has attached little people on it! Olivia has a similar house that I bought at an antique store (it's from the 70s or 80s so it's not really antique but whatever) and we love to play with it so it seems like a good choice for the 2011 ornament!
There is more excitement ahead, although the countdown was cut a little shorter than we had originally planned. More about that coming up!


The Moores said...

So much fun! I totally agree about the Olivia books, the originals are way better. And I love that doll house ornament, how perfect.

Rebekah said...

Actually hillarious to read your blog today. My sister and I JUST had this conversation this weekend. The William's sisters watch White Christmas every year,(there were never such devoted sister, seeing the movie, you will get that line) even if that means sometimes it is over the phone. Me watching in TX and her at their house. Anyway, Judy's waist was only 21 inches. She had the smallest waist in Hollywood from 1940-1960. She did suffer from anorexia and eventually health problems casued her death. So funny though that Rachel and I just had this conversation. Love watching your family come up with new tradition on your countdown.

kmom said...

Great blog! Glad you all went to the nursing home to sing and visit. I liked the snowflakes hanging from the fan, the play nativity set, and the little people ornament house. Super cute ornament! Thanks for showing both sides. Great Christmas ideas!

Anonymous said...

I have a fear of the elderly too, though mine involves an 80 year old woman slapping the bare skin on my chest as I was trying on one of her bras.....not a fun experience.... Jessica Van Winkle

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