Saturday, December 10, 2011

Newsletter: 27 Months

Dear Olivia,
Well I guess the biggest change since last month is that we are 100% out of diapers!! You are completely potty trained and have been since Thanksgiving. We tried the 3 day method that a lot of our friends did and it really helped you get over your fear of public toilets and helped you stay dry at nap times and night time! We were happy to pass on those cloth diapers to Lauren and baby Genevieve. Now that you don't have that cloth diaper fluffy bottom your pants sure have a hard time staying up! But I can't complain; I don't mind having less laundry!
You have a lot of new words and phrases this month. One of your favorites is definitely "Myself." You want to do everything by yourself and you let us know it! Read myself, dress myself, potty myself, pants myself, etc. You would think with this new sense of independence I would be missing my baby but your other favorite word this month is "tuddle" (cuddle). In the mornings and after nap you often say "tuddle me mama" and we lay and cuddle in my bed. You'll ask for the covers and we'll take it easy watching elmo on the ipad. You have gotten lots more snuggly this month and I'm not complaining one bit!
Other favorite phrases this month include:
Papa's shudda budda (sugar booger--his nickname for you)
Rain 40 days (from your Noah's Ark Bible lesson)
More lights pease, pretty lights (looking at Xmas lights while driving)
Jaddle Bells (Jingle Bells)
Go to BenDes house (you've combined their names for easier usage)
Thank you, pease (another combo phrase)
Night night daddy, salvus daddy (salvus = I love you)
You've started calling me "Katie" more often and calling Daddy "Ryan" or "Bubby" (we don't encourage this)
And you can count to eleven (seven is "sevus" and eleven is "Elevus")
We had a great trip to Tennessee for Thanksgiving and you had a lot of fun playing with the family we usually only see in pictures or on Skype. You know all of their names and talk about them often now that we are home. Your daddy even said he thinks you have the family names down better than he does!
You are a huge Elmo fan and even though we watch Sesame Street about everyday you just call it Elmo Show. You do know just about every character by name and like to point them out in your coloring book. You even can say the Spanish sheep's name Ovejita! It took me awhile to figure out what you were saying!
It's getting colder so we aren't playing outside as much but when we do some of your favorite things to do are to run down the driveway with your bear in the "strolley" and play in the piles of leaves. We've been using our science museum pass a lot and you love the different play areas. I think your favorite might be the gymnastics mats. It's my favorite too because you get lots of exercise running and tumbling and then take a great nap when we get home!
You are a constant stream of conversation in the car these days. We used to listen to music but now we have conversations about what we are going to go do, who we are going to see, what we just did, and it's so nice to be able to carry on an understandable conversation with you! Your memory is amazing too and you bring up things that happened days ago just to talk about them.
You've started singing lots more this month. You make up tunes with people's names in them, you've got Jingle Bells down already, you try to sing songs from Bible class, your rendition of Jesus Loves Me is to the correct tune but the words are just "Jeezy Bible So", and you are really trying to get the ABC song down but usually get stuck on "C, B, B, B, B." You also enjoy the letters F, G, W, X, Y, Z.
You've really been enjoying the holiday season and I have been enjoying it through your eyes! You started pointing out HoHo (Santa) when we were in TN even though I'd never told you about him! I'm not sure where you picked it up. But now you know his name is Santa Claus and you love spot him when we go places. We talked him up a bunch before we saw him at the church Christmas program and you were so excited to "sit on Santa's wap". But when you actually came face to face with him you were scared. But you did sit in Mrs. Claus lap. Then when we left in the car you laughed and said "I chry in Santa's wap."
Gearing up for the holidays season has been fun since you are definitely more involved this year. I enjoyed decorating the house with you and setting the tree up in your room. You love to play with the ornaments and rearrange them. You are usually pretty gentle with them. You LOVE the two red and green Christmas bears and carry them around with you all day sometimes. You stare at the troll nativity and I try to explain the characters, but I really don't want you thinking baby Jesus had long purple hair so we skip over it! You dance around with the snowman and santa dolls in the tv room and we've been reading Christmas books for the countdown each night.
You request every day to "watch Livy" on the laptop. You LOVE to watch videos of yourself and I must admit it does come in handy if I need to make a phone call or cook something in the kitchen and nothing else is keeping you entertained. I like watching them with you sometimes and we talk about how much you've grown since the videos. I can hardly believe my baby is out of diapers and speaking in coherent brief sentences! I'm not complaining one bit though. You are so fun right now, and lately I wake up each day excited about spending time with you. I don't want to waste any minutes I have with you right now, and I thank God each day for all the blessings you bring to me.

I love you!


Anonymous said...

Happy 27 months Olivia. Grandma can't wait to see you and your Daddy and Mommy in a few days. I love you.
Gma aka Mom

trish said...

totally easier to say BenDes. i can't believe how much she is growing up!

kmom said...

Amy may have pointed out all the Santas upstairs at our house soon after Olivia arrived (or maybe she remembered from all the numerous times I pointed him out last year.) She does seem to have a fondness for bears. I am thankful for Olivia's great parents.

Shawn and Becky said...

She's getting so big so fast. I love that she sings about your family. So sweet.

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