Wednesday, December 14, 2011

So this is Christmas, and what have you done?

We've been having lots of fun with friends this holiday season as well. Here are some shots of all the good times.

Even though Liv loves her toddler friends at church, her favorite friend might just be Ms. Jerri. It could be because she brings her treats or because she plays basketball with her in the gym, either way I don't care because I adore her too!Here is Liv enjoying a night with the Fosters so Ryan and I could go on a date. Liv loves her some Chick-fil-a!
I don't know what her and Caleb are doing in this photo.
She and Lexi bonded so fast that kissing on the mouth only seemed natural.
When we picked her up she started screaming and crying so I guess she had a fun night!
These pics are of Liv and Noah at the science museum.I promise we didn't even pose them for this photo. They just love each other that much.
And we also met up there with Pierson and Jensen one day!
Piper and Violet came up to play with us from TX.....and we didn't get any pictures! :( But the Merediths came from Utah and I did get pics of Liv and Shanny cuddling while watching videos on the blog.
Liv now has a new combo name to talk about:MattShannon.
We had a fun night with our small group too where much junk food was consumed and much laughter was had from that drawing game that no one can ever remember the name of but it sure is fun to play!
I love these girls!
Here's a fun, blurry shot of some of the toddlers after church on Sunday. This isn't even all of them!
Oh and did I mention the awesome Elmo birthday party we went to for Haylie last week? Liv was in elmo heaven.
And last night I got to celebrate with Erin and Allison for our tradition Elf night!
We watched the movie and did a snowman craft.
Somehow in the middle of Elf! the conversation changed to Ryan Gosling though and we ended up watching Crazy, Stupid, Love instead. We might change the yearly tradition to a Ryan Gosling night. The snowmen all talked about it and thought it was a good idea.
And of course there's been a lot of time spent with BenDes.
We just go over in our PJ's somedays, we don't even bother to get dressed. They are brainwashing my daughter to love OSU as much as them.
Her favorite color is now orange and she can sing the fight song.
We even made the snowman sock craft over there today!
We've been anxiously awaiting that silly Genevieve to come on out and play with us too. For those who didn't know, Lauren has a 9 day old baby inside of her.
Any day now baby G will get to join all of this fun too! Phew...I'm tired now just from looking at all the fun we've had....and there's still a few weeks left in the year :)


Michelle said...

I was just wondering if she had the baby yet, I'd be going nuts and while I'm contemplating waiting a full 40 weeks to deliver this boy or girl I really don't even want to wait that long. I LOVE the snowman, they are so cute!!

Anonymous said...

If they are such OSU fans, why is she wearing Duck colors? Not that I care of course. Poor Lauren! I hope today is the day. And fyi, my very first boyfriend (way back when) looked like Ryan Gosling. Maybe Ryan is Marty's long lost love child. Oops. Did I really say that.

Mom aka Gma

Shawn and Becky said...

I love that you put she has a 9 day old baby in her stomach! Cameron was a 12 days old baby by the time he came out. Hope she comes soon! I love having friends like that. My neighbor and I have become those friends and it's wonderful!

Ryan and Katie said...

She came out that evening actually so I think Liv pushing on her belly in that video must've helped :)

lauren and brad said...

Liv totally got her out!

That was such a fun video and I love that pic of the three of them!

You have done SO much fun stuff lately!!!!

Leslie said...

awesome video. something about just sittin' and waitin' and everyday life livin'. i love it.

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