Sunday, December 04, 2011

Wooly Willie Part III

Remember Parts I and II? Well it's time for another one and Ryan and Liv both "wanted" to participate. Ry was nice enough to take pics of his beard shaving process so I wouldn't feel I missed out. He didn't mean for the pics to be posted online, but guess what.....he should've known better.
Pretty studly. He did not take one of the finished product but you can see that in the last posts.
Next up, Olivia.
I'm getting better at trying to do things with my daughter's hair thanks to Pinterest. Some are better than others. Usually if I can do it right when she starts watching Sesame Street then she happily sits still for me! This one is really easy and keeps the hair out of her face, but I still can't get straight lines in her part when I do it. You just make ponytails and then flip them inside a hole you make above the rubber band. (like topsy tail...remember that?!)
This is just criss crossing ponytails in the back.
It did not survive through a naptime but it did survive hours of playtime. Once again my part lines weren't straight but oh well!
I keep trying french braids, but I just can't get them tight enough to stay. I guess I just need more practice. I'll keep you updated when I ace it in Wooly Willie Part IV!


Leslie said...

my hair was always too thick for the topsy turvy. :( in fact, i broke a friend's with my first and only attempt and it made her cry. whoops.

my mom used to use a dull pencil to gently draw a straight part. does that make sense? if you "draw" a line through the hair, the strands will part?

Leslie said...

doesn't look crooked at all though! just responding to your words, not the photos.

Anonymous said...

you are such a good mom. i hope i'm half as good one day. i love you-E

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is RED hair on that boy - oops, I mean man. I still like the clean shaven look the best. And such cute hair on Olivia. I never did have much luck fixing up my girls hair. It was mostly either pony tails or pig tails.

Mom aka Gma

Monique said...

I love when John has a clean shaven face. Love that Ryan did those pictures for you.

Kassi said...

I laughed so hard at those facial hair photos. What are those faces he is making? ridiculous! In the last one he looks like he should be Watson in a Sherlock Holmes film or something.

I love your hair experiments on Olivia's hair, they are so cute.

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