Monday, January 02, 2012

Can you hear me now?

If you can't get a hold of me, it's because I don't get good cell phone service from the princess tent. And that's where I've been hanging out.
These past few vacation days have been a lot of fun. The weather was great and we played a lot indoors and outdoors. We don't want Ryan to go back to work. I'm not sure who is sadder: me or Liv. Probably me.
If you need to reach me tomorrow, we'll probably be moping in the princess tent. Just let yourself in. Scratch that, there's really not much more room. But we can talk through the tent walls.


The Moores said...

Yay for the princess tent! Alice has her's set up 24/7 and even naps in it on occasion. Do ya wanna come over and play?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Mommy fits in it better than Grandma did. I was always afraid of ripping it while trying to squeeze in with our little princess. I can't wait till Olivia and Alice come during spring break so they can be princesses together. Maybe Carrie will pack Alice's tent in March and bring it to Grandmas house. That would be easier than Olivia having to pack hers on a plane.

kmom said...

Glad you are having fun. Love, Grammy

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